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Announcements, rants, affirmations and all else that doesn’t quite fit into the other categories are posted here. From poetry that probably won’t be made into a song, to in-the-moment expressions of thoughts and feelings that probably won’t make it into a story. I will share here, whatever comes to mind and heart. Occasionally, I also may take creative writing pieces from my past, revise and revive them to post here.

7/16/18: A Right to Privacy.

As an artist, I am moved to express what I feel inside. As a human being, I am asked to honor my connection to others. As a member of a society, I am told to be aware of difference. As an individual among many... I am. --------------------- I am contemplating all that has happened recently. [...]

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7/7/18: My Net Neutrality

Ever since I started this blog my dear reader, (October 8th, 2017)... I've been a bit conflicted about how I want to use the other aspects of my so-called "internet presence". I hadn't really thought about it much, before now. Since the early days, I've been just doing whatever came to mind. I'd occasionally get [...]

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7/4/18: All my Troubles…

Yesterday... ---- Paul McCartney 1965 ----------------------------------------- I'm tired, I'm sore. Feeling fat, inadequate, unloved. Unlovable. I haven't played my guitar in over a week. I have written a song in FOREVER! My throat feels like I've got another of those random, stupid, non-stop spasms of phlegm-laden shitty-assed coughing bouts coming on... Eeech!! Eeech!! Eeech!! Eeech!! [...]

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6/28/18 On Relationship (Part one, Online #$%#@!&… )

My therapist recently asked me what a healthy relationship would look like in my eyes. Ha! Do I have a frame of reference? How would I know what one of these things looked like if I've never HAD one? Very soon, I'll be coming to the end of a very disappointing year of paying for [...]

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6/27/18: The Morning Practice (The Other, This… That!)

That this is the other thing. This that is all there is. Is THAT all there is? ------ So, my dear reader (you still there?) as of yesterday's post, I am now done with what I've been writing under the working title of... Predators and Scammers and now, it's time for the editing. YEA! Please [...]

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5/4/18: Obeisant Anesthetic

I love the movies. Movies are of this world and yet I become immersed in another. An other, entirely created world. Bound only by imagination, movies take me where I had no idea. I had no idea I could go. There. Anything can be shown in movies now. The impossible is made to look real. [...]

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5/2/18: Owning My Own Mess

At this point in my little writing project here. Here in this blog. This blog with the purpose of writing memoir... I'm feeling a need to say something about my whole, "I'm the good boy/man" theme/meme. I honestly do see myself as the kind of person who wants to do right, or at the very [...]

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4/24/18: Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs This is one I left it on the road Along my path Under rocks Dangling from a flower petal by a single silk strand An unconscious message of hope Submits Breadcrumbs These are those They still powder my clothes Staining fingers Combing hair Clinging to corners of my mouth the brave few look within [...]

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