I imagine you laying here beside me
Feeling like it’s always been that way


In my car at the cell phone waiting area of the Honolulu airport. Waiting. Waiting for…


I look at my phone for the zillionth time since getting there, checking to be sure I didn’t miss her call. She’s going to call when she’s landed and able to turn on her phone. I’m going to drive round to the pick up area outside the baggage claim for her airline. I’ve already driven past to see where that will be so I know exactly where to go. I’ve already checked and rechecked her plane’s arrival time again… and again.

I’m so excited!

I’m not nervous at all. My mind has gone over and over what will happen when we are finally together. Finally able to touch, kiss… make love. Three days of bliss. Three days of gazing into each other’s eyes and making plans for the rest of that day, the rest of her visit, the rest our lives… together at last.

E-Harmony.com is such a perfect online dating site. It’s system for matching compatibility is so good. I think back on all that lead Marcy and I to this day. Going through all the levels of connection. Seeing so many areas of compatibility between us that soon eliminated the others. The others who matched pretty darn well and with whom I’d also had many intimate interactions. Some quite intimate indeed.

But none of them were like Marcy. Marcy wasn’t even the only one to call. I talked on the phone with at least two other women I’d had those pretty darn intimate interactions with on the site. But it was during the calls when I knew Marcy was the one.

At first (this was so cute) she called so I could go over with her some ideas about a case she was working on. Marcy is a layer. She has her own small firm on the east coast with her law partner. We spoke several times about that case. Long calls about how to properly word some letter she was composing. I LOVED helping her on that. How much it affirmed her appreciation, her respect for my words. I’m a word guy see… I write words. I’d been practicing my writing online for a while now. Writing and sharing stories and songs.

And now my words were bringing Marcy to me.

After months of long conversations on the phone, some including long periods of mutual silence… just being together. No words needed. Then, playful, slightly sexy calls after she received the CD of my original music I’d sent her, along with my “It’s All True” t-shirt and a special song written just for her. She’d put the shirt on, lay down in bed and called me.

What a turn on!

Yes, of course we were in love. We were so right for each other, there was nothing left to do but embrace and get started with…

The real.

Sitting there in my car at the cell phone waiting area of the Honolulu airport, I was so ready for a reality I KNEW was the TRUTH! I was finally going to have the love I’d been waiting for. The love I knew I needed and deserved after… after all I’d been through.

Marcy Marcy Macy…

Marcy was the one.

Marcy loved me.

The real me.