Devil’s Advocate

Well some people think I’m arrogant some people think I’m nuts
Cause when the topic suits my needs I can’t keep my mouth shut
In any conversation any place or any time
When opinions start to fly I make sure everyone knows mine
And if someone makes a statement those who know me start to sweat
Cause I’m the Devil’s advocate

I can’t allow a theory to be stated as a fact
I’ll challenge any one who tries and make them take it back
I crave for verbal conflict and I’m never satisfied
And if the group agrees I’ll always take the other side
So before you blurt out what you think you know don’t you forget
That I’m the Devil’s advocate

Now if you think that this is just a hateful way to be
Know that I expect my friends to do the same to me
Last time I enjoyed debate with some one who knows just how it goes
Any passerby would swear it almost came to blows
And what I really live for is the stimulation that I get
when I go at it with someone with whom I’ve never before met
and he or she can brow-beat me till I regret
I ever played the Devil’s advocate
Devil’s advocate
Devil’s advocate
Devil’s advocate

Song Credits

Brian von Ahsen: vocals and acoustic guitar
Headband Dan: electric guitar
Pierre Grill: keyboards
Steven Howells: drums
Ian Chames: bass
Recorded at the Asterisk Cooperative in Honolulu December 23, 2011
Artwork by Will Caron