Random Awesomeness

Announcements, rants, affirmations and all else that doesn’t quite fit into the other categories are posted here. From poetry that probably won’t be made into a song, to in-the-moment expressions of thoughts and feelings that probably won’t make it into a story. I will share here, whatever comes to mind and heart. Occasionally, I also may take creative writing pieces from my past, revise and revive them to post here.

One Path

send me on my way take me home find me there dance beneath the stars make my bed smell my hair all is love all is love now and forever mend the broken clay work in kind sing with care build the room to breathe live outside live out here live in there all is [...]

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No Mow May

ducks in the backyard pond looking for places to lay a robin perched in the newly planted crabapple tree honors its namesake as bunnies munch on dandelion flowers all day it's a lovely spring morning in no mow may most of these neighbors get it the grass is allowed to grow as it will among [...]

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love brought me into this world and if i'm lucky love will see me out when i look at where i am now everything good and lasting everything i can truly hold on to i owe to love and love is of course essential to family so far my short time in and around this [...]

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Decompressing the Demon

always there in some form or other lurking smirking waiting for weakness palatable pressure grinding the old guard seeping out sideways fouling what always used to work what does work rational release redirecting stopping gaps awareness’s alternative pathways sweet heart support the beast giving room living room loving room relax ------ m(__)m  

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who can tell is living well some seem to never try fewer still resist the pills and find a way to die not easy letting go and harder to know gone the day to run away reasons come in handy soon a time within the grind filters friends and family ------ m(__)m  

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martin luther what a chad the dude of his time his 95 theses was to be the final challenge to a ponderous exploitative far-reaching social order using language and technology to break the church’s hold on the mysteries of god and expose the fraud of its get out of purgatory early cards october 31 1517 [...]

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Night Meta

i dreamed i was sitting in a chair in a small dingy room with two other men one of whom i recognized my dreaming self said i know this man i’ve never been to his house i’ve never spent any significant time with him but our lives do entwine i know this man well enough [...]

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Trust Me

you can’t prove anything to anyone without it god no god the inevitability of justice the futility of existence the golden rule Q every single religion conspiracy theory philosophy every random idiot’s fucking opinion including my own deep conviction that love is the most powerful force In the universe all so-called truth depends upon it [...]

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A Most Perilous Chapel

ya know... i used to be pan-agnostic like you bob back in the day i guess i’m just fortunate enough to have dug a reality that tunneled me here instead of where you went with it or maybe my maybe logic being just is is just so i never ended up having your distaste for [...]

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