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Announcements, rants, affirmations and all else that doesn’t quite fit into the other categories are posted here. From poetry that probably won’t be made into a song, to in-the-moment expressions of thoughts and feelings that probably won’t make it into a story. I will share here, whatever comes to mind and heart. Occasionally, I also may take creative writing pieces from my past, revise and revive them to post here.


observing the chaos from my ever-shrinking safe space that room of non living it’s been this way all along i should not be surprised one can get lost unthinking history a cynical feedback loop designed to limit community anything to be fair and balanced when everyone is lying nothing really matters when did i agree [...]

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you gave me twenty years without shame, on your trail of tears i left well enough alone i just brought your grandma home but i'm not gonna miss you i showed you who i am dreams of fame, joined another band sang my heart out to the wall but i never felt so small so [...]

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We’re Just Getting Started

love reawakening the universe is ours impossible to love more since the beginning of time paralyzed with joy love is my superpower your private baby face i’ll click your bait train the algorithm happiness feedback loop random acts of silliness like beer on an empty stomach ------ My Sweetheart knew before I did Blessed... m(___)m [...]

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here now in a glorious state of flux flow the future begins in this place at this time foundational memories built ever building love’s bedrock home again we mark the days we are the spark it’s a slow burn the wise move a moment’s repose and then headlong into the abyss altogether fearless curious clueless [...]

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arise my love now the eternal apex of a dream commence patterns lay bare fears and the futile like ragged old shirts are shed complete in time transitioning ends all that shall endure coupled ------ My Sweetheart will know forever Blessed... m(___)m  

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the rumbling waves far far below like distant thunder or a strong steady wind make fitting chorus for my love that smile that smooth, sweet expansion of lips that sips as i begin across the universe no attendant is needed above the expanse an ‘io appears and then… before the colors of morning I find [...]

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Letting Go (part three)

letting go the brian show in the fourth moment co-emergence on the razor's edge to look between the frames the abstract watcher turning off the auto-pilot shift... see what happens the four noble truths 1. the pervasiveness of suffering i didn't get what i want i got what i didn't want the pain of alternation [...]

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Letting Go (part two)

in the beginning, it was fun a cool new thing i was excited to get started that last cool new thing left much to be desired i suppose it would have been better if i had put more into it but that would have required more than i was willing to give i guess that's [...]

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Letting Go

here and now into the unknowable complexity of time and space i commit my soul all i may be and all i have ever believed i posses will go with me naked standing before the mottled mirror in my mind i look past myself and wonder a ragged man walks barefoot on the sidewalk he [...]

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Try Not to Try

tell me a story sing me a song roll my love over don't take too long smile in the mirror run with the wind fly into morrow time to begin try not to try try not to try i got nothin ain't got nothin yesterday morning i had a thought nothing worth knowing is ever [...]

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