Announcements, rants, affirmations and all else that doesn’t quite fit into the other categories are posted here. From poetry that probably won’t be made into a song, to in-the-moment expressions of thoughts and feelings that probably won’t make it into a story. I will share here, whatever comes to mind and heart. Occasionally, I also may take creative writing pieces from my past, revise and revive them to post here.

2/14/20: Loving Love’s Loving Love

Here it is here we are pure and simple dots and dimples never fear never far There it stays there we plays sure and sounding lots of lounging ever near ever dear Where it goes where we'll know modes of smoochy hoochy koochy in my ear spin your beer I love you so very very [...]

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2/11/20: Beatitude Etude

She waits for no one life lay before her like the pleading cries of a dying friend No hesitation no resistance no rancor Only kindness emanates From the depths of her heart to the cutting edge of the lathe of heaven As man's flower blooms beneath her benevolent bosom a new world is born The [...]

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Gone the Sense

The flap the fluster bewildered with bluster we foul by nature's way Donning the downy confusing as clowny in lieu of darker days Gone the sense gone all recompense for wrongs gone... Oh so very wrong As judges in-jury they'll find us as fury beguiled into the fray My love will go ------ Blessed... m(___)m [...]

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2/3/20: And Another

And as all these and all and all Moments meld hearts be held distance felled falling all and all and all Away Never far ever are caught your star calling all and all and all Astray In the now soon be how time shall bow seeing all and all and all Aweigh My love shall [...]

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2/2/20: Moments

Silence darkens the first bird song yet unheard Strange stillness dreams slip morning obscurity Sweet whispers my love permeating all and all And all my love Sings ------  

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1/30/20: Locution Lunch

Stepping back a new vision of the dark narrow path With sumptuous colour vibrating life and fundamental beauty revealed in kind All manner all judgement suspended A random figure looks on in silence I accept it all breathing inward and connect my love She will always know ------ Blessed... m(___)m  

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1/29/20: Bleak Beauty

Can you see? the eye behind the I and I Unfiltered worlds better off frozen for now Defenseless implements of an obsolete construct ready for business All will be revealed in reverse But fear not co-conspirators call to order a superior morning ------ Blessed... m(___)m  

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1/21/20: My Love Knows

All I am all I see all I ever need to be all and all and all is she My love She shares her will she loves me still ever always never false-ways living being free She knows ------ Blessed... m(___)m  

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