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Announcements, rants, affirmations and all else that doesn’t quite fit into the other categories are posted here. From poetry that probably won’t be made into a song, to in-the-moment expressions of thoughts and feelings that probably won’t make it into a story. I will share here, whatever comes to mind and heart. Occasionally, I also may take creative writing pieces from my past, revise and revive them to post here.

7/9/20: Face the Naked

priest think like an artist feel like a scientist scientist think like a priest feel like an artist artist think like a scientist feel like a priest ------ from moment to moment arcs of identity shift minds muddle feelings fumble amidst myriad cosmic rifts love heals every torment artist, priest and scientist grasp the glory [...]

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8/6/20: Cloud Naked

dark not like my friend about ignorance malevolence or anything presenting symptoms intangible screaming, the screen syncretic attempts at peace as if that's even possible vigilance into the fire rethinking art with love all that really matters ------ Blessed... My Sweetheart knows all m(____)m  

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8/4/20: Not Even

nothing to prepare it's already there anyone still left undone good luck finding some who care i only take the time to scribble silly rhymes dream to last while breaking fast and give hope her cast in kind she never turns away or holds my love at bay future clear we blithely steer couldn't deign [...]

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8/3/20: Meaning Meditation

all in all and all and all no separation only distinction fine-tuning of awareness attentiveness to love the active ingredient she listens she shares the way has been here all along all and all and all all in ------ My Sweetheart will always know Blessed... m(___)m  

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7/25/20: Where Be I

identity a metaphorical avatar will more than suffice old and idiosyncratic tropes may or may not function here seek ye not the root of mind nor a corridor into what’s left for in that fetid fantasy lie only madness togetherness a choosing of the cheese give a call heed to all a well-warned rhyme never [...]

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5/27/20: forgive me please

i have failed you who suffer most against the wind to ponder and roam the darkest chasm no act of god random distraction would suffice only hubris self-absorption has lead us here where now alone is love ------ Blessed... m(___)m    

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