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3/26/20: I Wash My Hands

Monday morning birds are singing still that warning bell keeps ringing in my ears Much to do no time for dreading filter through the garbage spreading only fear The numbers rise to no surprise and all the fools on tv cry as if on cue Amidst the lies I check your eyes and hope that [...]

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3/24/20: Step it Up

Step it up step by step turn around try looking down and then look again up and then again and again and on and on and only everything my friend Darkness hides in the black in the back around the shack little lithe colors fight for light around and around surreal surround in pitch, the [...]

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3/14/20: Pedagogical Pi

Do the math it never ends the wealth the stealth effects on health will be on me my friend Find the path on which to send the mass the crass up off their ass and we may see the end An end to this madness an end to this fear an end to this current [...]

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3/7/20: The Land of Organica

In the land of organica we take our time we look around From the spam to trans-metica what can be is used what can not is found In the land of organica A better plan would have been beside any point within There's a man on harmonica he gives his all he plays his hand [...]

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3/3/20: When it Comes

I will be there wherever For you for me For all and all and all and all Forever I will be Through darkest night fire and rain plagues upon the land With you I'll fight fond refrain love will stay my hand I will be here however So you and me With all and all [...]

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