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winter of 1973 (or 72 or 74) i can’t remember now whatever year it was it was cold so very cold that was the year my dad accidentally set the house on fire trying to thaw frozen water pipes with a propane torch a lot got burned up including my brand new pioneer se 505 headphones [...]

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No Deposit No Return

the pain is gone along with her wisdom but he made me laugh sometimes it hurt so much i had to give up laughing then came the change then came the great understanding it might take another thirty years or so probably more to get back even a little of what was never really there [...]

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Nonsenseca Extempore

do be do dabi da da ding dong in de debi dab in other words slathering swarthfully into the shiny mr munchable gives every indication that all is not lost he quickens his pace and randomizes the last of his kind until face alone renders whatever might have ever had any intention of cooking up [...]

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Number one Noodles

"I hardly ever listen to music anymore." I said backing out of my driveway on Kula Kulea place and then rolling down through the treacherously steep and narrow mountainside neighborhood street made even more so by all the cars and large pickup trucks parked aggressively on both sides. Luckily I catch a green light and [...]

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Seeing Beauty

do you realize how beautiful you are i’m not sure that you do it’s understandable though that you wouldn’t see yourself the way that i see you and i see you you beautiful you i guess it’s all in what you’re looking for how you feel about what you perceive the zone you occupy in [...]

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Just Saying

an artist using words adept at the absurd should’ve been able to say something but the news was broken so everything spoken effectively said nothing everyone was appalled by the brutality everyone sent prayers and thoughts thus when vengeance was taken and all credulity shaken the fear was to say anything so an artist using [...]

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Academic Poem #2

you might as well be a squirrel running frantically round the nearly naked trees like autumn’s last leaves twirling into place on yesterday’s mulched ground better yet a bunny with a strangely happy hop but the bunnies have all gone funny to where we can only speculate or not i often hear you among the [...]

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The Return of Reason

an overwhelming glare blasts through my fragile spirit like winters whiteout this cold cold reality flurries freely round the frozen ground of consciousness this is the light that reveals all discriminating nothing and obliterating every attempt at dissent exposed the universal ugly truth of a beautiful lie gone bad the sad hero’s journey to the [...]

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now is the time after the darkness a time when everything that ever was all that led me here is gone anger is gone so is sadness and joy now is the time of death yet there is no grief or fury and neither is there relief or recompense it’s all gone only the stark [...]

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Notes from the Discomfort Zone

after the darkness ned ludd returns destroying the gin within my spinning reality turn around norman never had a day like this my arrogance knows no bounds to think anyone is listening once was an empire where the walls of syracuse still stand damocles found out power is power and obsession for possession was arguably [...]

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