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The Morning Practice (Balancing Re-sets)

8:10 am Feeling my body free to truly feel for the first time in months I am affirmed No need explanation or faux-respiration my mind's revelation takes its turn Again... I am affirmed All and all my love we will learn We can Find each other within 10:42 am Step up to effect this self [...]

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7/29/19: Meme of Mediocrity (a meditation)

Inhale, two, three, four, five, six Exhale, two, three, four, five, six Factchecking the snope-ing of Snopes Snope-ing the facts about checks I breath into my triggers I look into my wise and wear-fours and smile Do I really need to start my day this way? Is this "information" now? and then I see a [...]

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7/28/19: Radical Means Radical

9:15 am Online after a beautifully long talk with my sweetheart (I love her so) channelling the part of my psyche I call "Radical Guy" The first synonym for radical at is... Profound a Google Images search focuses on the adjective in mostly sports-culture contexts with only a smattering of the political a FB [...]

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7/27/29: Please Read More

More than what you see online More than what could ever be in one lifetime is the vast library of human experience Found in every fold every particle every open space of the universe Lost at an exponential rate before even the most minute fraction might fall upon the gaze of more than a few [...]

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7/26/19: The Best We Can?

We can do better We MUST do better This quickening world waits for no man Shit, or get off the pot Our old-world seat is getting hot Time to level-up what it means to be doing the best we can Storms are gathering Powerful blathering Privileged punks banking on parleyed plans Fuck the man, eat [...]

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7/24/19: What it IS and NOT (an affirmation)

Instagram... IS: an image gallery NOT: a journal, a window or a communication tool Facebook... IS: a communication tool NOT: a forum, a door or an art space This Blog... IS: an art space, a door (into a potential forum), a communication tool, a window (into the origins of my image gallery) and a journal [...]

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7/23/19: Time for Concision

My heart sings with her love Her jungles inform me Her deserts command me Her oceans will take me away into the open fields of mercy Without boundaries I must step with the greatest of care Without reason she shows me what never was there before me She stands on the mountains of pain My [...]

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7/22/19: Fictional Reality (Part one)

I make up a story my life has meaning that I matter without fact But my fiction becomes real when you feel the same When I hear your story I can imagine how you matter without fact Our shared fiction becomes real and we heal our shame ------ Blessed... m(___)m  

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