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Art Daze

awake at five feel the stillness breathe in the vibe all the tools activate my soul this space of will slows down the pace cranks up the chill find my way out that memory hole anti hustle backhanded bustle but busy busy busy be the joy sensation of pure creation i have a plan yes [...]

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Relative Time

relative time relative mind relative spine not yours not mine give me space give them place to make up a story not allegory straight up and shot through unraveled knots unnavigable morasses confounding the masses like Boston’s molasses to lasts us a hundred years or more what’s it all mean when the only real connection [...]

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tell us what to do how to live who is who and you will surely know resistance tell us what is real who to love how to feel you’ll need more than to show persistence you who broke the world had your chance flag unfurled only death shall you go consistence now i walk away [...]

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The Fool Speaks

i am a fool this much is clear from this moment and beyond all doubts and hopes to the contrary vanish the page knows this as does the pen and so the hand falters resolve fades the mind wanders hyper-aware of all that has always been known to be inadequate any confidence i might have [...]

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