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11/30/18: Naked Returns

“If you’re in the luckiest 1% of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99%.” ------ Warren Buffett ---------------------------------------------- I've been pretty bad at managinging my money most of my life, so I found it interesting this morning to discover that I share such feelings of gratitude with [...]

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11/29/18: Afternoon Meditation

"Gray-Brown, White-Gray... Tawny-Slate New Landscape... Not Dirty Yet." ------ Text from my Sweetheart ------------------------------------------------------------- Inspiration comes at random. From wherever I happen to be looking at the time, whatever I happen to be paying attention to or thinking about. Sometimes it just drops in my lap like a clump of snow or my sweetheart's hand. [...]

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11/28/18: Perspective?

It's all a bit surreal to me now. I sit here in the seventeenth floor lobby of the Mayo Clinic Gonda Building and look out over the pedestrian mall below. Just a little over two months ago, I was in this very spot and things were very different indeed. Back then, I was sweating bullets [...]

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11/27/18: All Things Naked and Beautiful

"No creature is a better judge of comfort than a cat." ------ James Harriot ---------------------------------------------- Julius turns away from me and looks out the window... without comment. It's cold outside so there's no way I'm going to open it for him. He doesn't seem to be expecting me too anyway. He doesn't seem to be [...]

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11/26/18: Coolness Collage

Today I put the new song to music. It sounds good but I'll have to live with it and bang it around for a while before I know for sure. Yesterday I had breakfast with my sister, my mother and my sweetheart. I love these people so much. More and more every day. Last week [...]

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11/24/18: Bloody Nonsense

They can spot the culprit And magnify it on a screen Those scientists and doctors Can pinpoint that nasty gene And with a little engineering They can take that wayward train And they can get it back on track So you're smart, straight, thin, and sane ------ Loudon Wainwright III ------------------------------------------------- Last night I watched [...]

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11/23/18: Only Everything

The morning call to order It’s time to be alive Time for only Oh... Only everything I stare into the water I see my fathers eyes Seeing only Oh... Only everything It’s only ever after All my love and laughter Shout from hall and rafter All and all and all and all... Your heart informs [...]

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11/21/18: What’s Cookin’

Yesterday while scanning Facebook, I saw an obviously disgruntled "friend" declare with disgust that... "Facebook sucks, I'm outta here." This makes me sad. Not because the particular friend will no longer be part of my FB experience. I am happy to have developed my own way of incorporating this nearly totalitarian technological tool of connectivity... [...]

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