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8/30/20: Be Prepared

this and more waiting for the best of us reminiscent of "darker" times all possible worlds pale in comparison moving towards the light no longer a viable option more than any one person could possibly handle when last someone took heed the reckoning upon us quickening as we speak people of good conscience will always [...]

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8/24/20: Love Is All

you know how much I love you we will survive the day awake now always with me within my heart you’ll stay love is all all and all and all and all love is all all our love is all the birds singing this morning of how our life will be the day this war [...]

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8/23/20: No Excuses Now

have you heard did you see it's all a lie "they" always spy only fools are "free" all corrupt nothing new to disrupt you're on your own beware your phone it's all fake its all... don't take it from me ------ inhale 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... exhale 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... ------ the [...]

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8/21/20: I Purge You

not you but you a digital facsimile of some random moment somehow managing to become imprinted on a device I now use purging you will... increase efficiency decrease waste avoid ambiguity encourage discernment for me purging you will not...  affect you or that which you may or may not resemble represent or reflect bits and [...]

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7/9/20: Face the Naked

priest think like an artist feel like a scientist scientist think like a priest feel like an artist artist think like a scientist feel like a priest ------ from moment to moment arcs of identity shift minds muddle feelings fumble amidst myriad cosmic rifts love heals every torment artist, priest and scientist grasp the glory [...]

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8/6/20: Cloud Naked

dark not like my friend about ignorance malevolence or anything presenting symptoms intangible screaming, the screen syncretic attempts at peace as if that's even possible vigilance into the fire rethinking art with love all that really matters ------ Blessed... My Sweetheart knows all m(____)m  

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8/4/20: Not Even

nothing to prepare it's already there anyone still left undone good luck finding some who care i only take the time to scribble silly rhymes dream to last while breaking fast and give hope her cast in kind she never turns away or holds my love at bay future clear we blithely steer couldn't deign [...]

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8/3/20: Meaning Meditation

all in all and all and all no separation only distinction fine-tuning of awareness attentiveness to love the active ingredient she listens she shares the way has been here all along all and all and all all in ------ My Sweetheart will always know Blessed... m(___)m  

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