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4/30/19: Forward Motion

7:17 am The other Instagram photo from yesterday heads up today as I wait My sweetheart will call soon Thinking about the painting and the artist from more than a month ago I'm still not curious enough to do more than look for more to come As I look now I see movement development in [...]

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4/29/19: Useless Paradise

Awakened in tears from fake reckless fears All knowing abandoned in time Sequestered to feel this moment surreal From nebulous random sublime To struggle and face discomfort of space The will to transcend is on me My longing complete Her love comes replete and banishes tears to the sea ------ Blessed... m(___)m    

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4/28/19: Ok to Play

11:31 am Guests in our little corner of paradise friends now Soon to be nearly eight thousand miles removed Aloha I look at photos and videos taken and missed Joy will never care if I airdrop or not Mahalo My sweetheart and I are laughing together phone play Tickled to affirm our inner fire burning [...]

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4/26/19: Driving in the Dark

Gone is the day feeling my way I let up on the gas and I turn Yes, I've been here before Yes, I know what the where-for Around this sharp corner I learn And above all that's else I discern New quantities round not fully found no neat preconceptions to intend Still... comes the joy [...]

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4/25/19: Mixed Media Meditation

Returning to recent thoughts about the creative process of evolution I engage in how this looks in current work Over and over I watch Looking at all detail My delight in each movement every splash of water how transitions move with the music or NOT The unintentional becomes a part of design one last drop [...]

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4/24/19: A Whole Other Box

There is a sensation I feel like paradox That flies in a the face Of the craft ethic as I see it The ethic that speaks to impermanence and objectification The value is in the process, not the piece If something is working, make more if something breaks, make another if something is not working, [...]

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4//23/19: SM Morning Meditation

FB: New profile photo by an acquaintance I haven't seen in a few years with a very pregnant partner (whom I've never met). Instagram: Group photo of the kids of a couple I don't know well and haven't seen in a year or two. FB: Ad for Honolulu Reiki. Instagram: Another photo of the same [...]

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4/21/19: Perception Reality

I've been looking at that mountain this way ever since moving here The way one looks at clouds and sees a bird or a dog, a building or a running man So yesterday I was driving back home along Waikupanaha street returning from Shima's Supermarket with some of that delicious dried marlin from the deli counter I [...]

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