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Luddites’ Lament

you might as well admit it we were right all along these infernal machines took more than they gave who’s labor was saved and now it’s you, boss your time to get lost can you see now, your folly in failing to recognize our expertise our insight our value can you see how contrary is [...]

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Judgment Jaunt

i judge people people I don't know i try not to do this i know that it's unfair i try and recognize this impulse in myself to look within and find where these judgements are coming from and perhaps choose another path another perspective i'm told that looking within is the best thing to do [...]

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Forgotten Old Men

for thirty years you struggled desperate to get just enough that limelight that place on the playbill such a powerful affirmation the ultimate tool to hide behind who will ever know your true nature your alternate identity this world will always keep your secret this world was made for "your kind" if only... but they [...]

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