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Transitions (part two)

investigating the old revisiting the new at hand, the unsure gives way taking precedent, as always my love speaks ------ It's nothing new to state how things are changing all the time. Yet... it is also quite undeniable (and is of course, a ubiquitous topic in nearly all media) that we are living in a [...]

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Unable (a Haiku)

the best i can do tectonic change before me reflect and accept ------ My Sweetheart will always know Blessed... m(___)m Going_to_Meet_the_Man_-_James_Baldwin    

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On The Way

on the way i look for beauty on the way i find some truth on the way i see my journey from an endless foolish youth giving deference to all life love, and knowing how to feel without reference, without strife progress slowing brought to heel one more step and I'm not going one more [...]

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