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Dear Reader

an old friend i just read taught me about something in american history of which i had no idea (no shortage of that eh?) it was a carnival game that, like many practices in american popular culture, has had its origins and current connections to the modern day erased by those in our society who [...]

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You Know Who You Are

i can’t help it i can’t help but think about all those years ago for all those years remember this one? guaaaaa!!!! guaa say daa!! (is that how you spell it?) yea, well… your face! this one is for you my friend the best of them don’t you dare think anything was ever lost in [...]

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Look Away

again yes look away look in any other direction but there an unimaginable tragedy the full panoramic pageantry of life and death is passing by our comfortable chairs some will talk some will stare but most will be afraid to seem naive or not to care so we look we feel avoiding and defending our [...]

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The Curse of Awareness

once was a wall an impenetrable barrier beyond which nothing and no one could pass it withstood all tests of time and weather war and tempest the furies of nature and man came as nothing and left no mark bones and rubble of countless crusades lay as dust before it indistinguishable from the ruined remains [...]

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The Secret Child

conceived in shame and delivered by humiliation the secret child is born to no one and everyone alone desperate clinging to the slightest possibility of hope minuscule moments dreams of what was never there never could be they fly away like cruel butterflies leaving only dust in the eyes of another weeping without comprehension longing [...]

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It Happens (a scat scat)

Caution: scatological content ------ but by that caveat please don’t assume another shitty scat the history’s way too poo deep for that to follow what would only lead to wallow boop di boo poop di poo skiddly scatily scoop di doo doo only now re-dipping toes in no need for sticking nose in the rim’s [...]

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Dreams Come True

dreams come true they do in those sweet silent moments between my most peaceful thoughts and the way i feel every time i look at you gentle waves of energy flow between us tingling constantly wantingly imploring me to touch you it can happen anytime anywhere with no more warning than the morning dew i [...]

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now i lay me down the drain i pray to drive the wiser lane help me squash the shit refrain the strength to wash my rubbish brain indeed it feeds me it’s need still bleeds me i watch myself run from random joy and give all my fun to the broken sad toy now i [...]

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It’s Just Silly

Once upon a time In a galaxy far far away On a planet where the dominant life forms All evolved From peanuts… Part one, The Great Roasting ——— “Nuts… “ “Dad, you mustn’t talk like that” “My use of expletives is none of your concern Sonny. I’ll curse any old way I want thank you [...]

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He Comes Around

the bank was nervous that day the man was not he remembered how it had been before the parties the unmitigated minds of creation the power there was no stopping them then no person or people or government the gods themselves were compelled to take heed everyone of consequence was on the team and he [...]

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