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Try Not to Try

tell me a story sing me a song roll my love over don't take too long smile in the mirror run with the wind fly into morrow time to begin try not to try try not to try i got nothin ain't got nothin yesterday morning i had a thought nothing worth knowing is ever [...]

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Naked Never Sleeps

complacency is not an option just because we dodged that first bullet doesn't mean it was the last and if you've been paying attention it wasn't even really the first a door to the future opened a long time ago and we've been vacillating about whether to go through ever since but the fear of [...]

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Bloody Freaking Twilight

big tobacco covered up the effects of polonium 210 for over forty years big oil did the same about greenhouse gas emissions and is still doing it and doing it and doing it the sackler family was just one player in big pharma's deadly game BASF, DuPonte, Dow, Sinopec ExxonMobil if you don't see the [...]

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Stolen Line

i saw a friend did share his pain in public where no truth is lain my query how might be the gain was lost in time like tears in rain ------ My Sweetheart knew before I Blessed... m(___)m  

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As We Go

i am yoursyou are minewe are freewe are finecome to mecall my namei’ll be thereall the sametake my handlead me homethrough this worldwe shall roamall we loveall we knowfinds our wayas we go ——— My Sweetheart and I Blessed… m(___)m  

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