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10/31/17: Adolescent Justice (part three)

I never stopped to think if it was wrong or right when they came to take poor Reggie for a ride ------------ And... they did come for him. At least once every time troupe #91 went camping, if Reggie was there, the older boys would always come for him. I know this because (like it [...]

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10/30/17: Adolescent Justice (part two)

  Reggie had a way of getting under your skin Pissing people off, was what he did for fun And I used to love to watch him as he’d run away From the older boys in scout troop ninety one We all knew that he deserved every beating that he got Everyone participated in his [...]

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10/29/17: Adolescent Justice (part one)

I get my songs from what I’ve seen and things I think about True stories sung of when I was young yes, I was a Boy Scout ----------- Yes, I was... a Boy Scout. But not a very good one. Oh I wasn't a bad boy, no, no no. I used to be a good [...]

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10/28/17: My Friend Bob (Episode 1, Da Rams)

My friend Bob was a SUPER HUGE! St. Louis Rams fan. I am not a sports guy. At all. But I became a Rams fan (for one season) for Bob. It was the fall of 2010 and by then, I had known Bob just long enough to have a some idea about what the score was with [...]

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10/27/17: The Safety Patrol

"Good morning team" "Good morning Cap'n" "Now, I'm not going to waste anyone's time here. Let's get right to the ONLY thing on today's agenda. You all know what that is, right?" Everyone in the room nods, confirming that they are all up to date and completely understand the subject and details of this emergency [...]

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10/26/17: The Morning Practice (Meditation #3)

Inhale, two, three, four, five, six... Exhale, two, three, four, five, six... Inhale, two, three, four, five, six... Exhale, two, three, four, five, six... I find counting as I breath to be quite effective. Counting them helps keep the breaths slow and thus the mind can more easily focus on this essential activity, rather than [...]

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10/25/17: The Morning Practice (Meditation #2)

Some of the most fascinating images I have ever experienced, come to me when I first open my eyes following the meditative section of my practice. A bird flits by just a few feet from my face and lands in a nearby tree branch. Calling directly at me, the bird cocks its head as amazing [...]

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10/24/17: The Morning Practice (Meditation #1)

I'm beginning to become aware of different subtle patterns and occurrences. Developing spontaneously... or so it seems. They fit into larger, more complete images, feelings... ideas. Each becoming a kind of theme on which I can attach the more tangible aspects of what happens during my morning  practice. Sometimes, its a sense of nearly imperceptible [...]

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10/23/27: The Wind Blew

The wind blew fine, powdery snow into swirling eddies of white. It flowed through the streets, around cars and houses, depositing it's absence of colour everywhere. Erasing all form. Imposing it's chaos upon the surfaces of order. The wind blew it's angry voices into a howling choir of screams. It filled the air with a [...]

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10/22/17: The Nurf Surfers

Jimmy makes a few, last-second adjustments to his rig and scans the courtyard. Looking for cops. This is his favorite part of a run. That micro-moment in time when he must decide to either commit, and hit that Nurf full on... or bail. He lives for the thrill. Knowing he's just about to go beyond [...]

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