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10/20/17: Unintended Consequences

"There is no such thing as an insignificant act." -- Robert Augustus Masters. ------------------------- I lived in Osaka, Japan from 1995 to 2001. This is just one of many stories I will be sharing from those days. I've told it many times, and each time this lesson becomes clearer and clearer to me... It all started [...]

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10/19/17: In the Line of Duty

Last night I was taking a young man (hmm... about 35? no older than 40) home from dialysis, to the government supported housing complex in Palolo valley. It was late in my ten-hour shift and I was a bit tired, not bad but I was looking forward to taking the short break I would just [...]

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10/18/17: Shoulda, Oughta, Woulda, Coulda

I shoulda been paying attention! I was so focused on "getting shit done", I didn't see the most important shit. My head may no longer be my permanent residence but... I'm obviously still paying the rent, still keeping a lot of stuff there. I even spend the occasional weekend in that heart-challenged space. I oughta [...]

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10/17/17: Introduction (part two)

The Danger Zone: “The Danger Zone” is the area in which all production in Nurfworld takes place. It is completely automated and surrounds the entire structure, acting as a buffer between it’s inhabitants and the world outside. Actually, all of the inhabitants of Nurfworld now think that The Danger Zone IS the world outside. Since [...]

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10/16/17: Post-modern Blues

  Woke up this mornin' Wondering what I should do Found out last night I need a whole different kinda world-view Thought that I was enlightened Thought my maps were just fine But now I see they're just remnants of some old Transcended paradigm I got them, postmodern blues Yeaaah I feel like tomorrow's food [...]

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10/16/17: Introduction (part one)

The power of the insurance industry has grown to where all of humanity is under it’s control. All individuals are thus required to give up their autonomy in return for the guarantee of total safety. To facilitate this, the population is rounded up and resettled into a vast enclosed structure, the interior of which is [...]

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10/14/17: Hello, I Must be Going.

In how many languages, I wonder, do they have a greeting that is commonly used as both hello and goodbye? In Hawaiian it's aloha, and in Hebrew, shalom. I'm pretty sure that I learned about these words in elementary school and looking back, I can't think of an easier way of explaining the importance of [...]

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10/14/17: BFF

  You're my best Facebook Friend You're my best Facebook Friend When I need someone to like me On you I can depend You're my best Facebook Friend You're the only reason I get out of bed You always like the things I post And comment on my thread You tag and share my photos [...]

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10/13/17: My Encounter with Ernest Mann

I really can't remember now, but It was sometime between 1987 and 1991. I was at a street festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota called Cedarfest. This was one of my favorite of the summer festivals in "The Cities". It wasn't really very big, but Cedar avenue was blocked off where it ran by part of the [...]

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