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Going Rogue

an ocean of collective power so far beyond the pale few who ever witness one survive to tell the tale until the draupner wave many considered the phenomenon known as the rogue wave to be a myth recorded in 1995 at unit e of the draupner platform, a gas pipeline support complex located in the [...]

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Old Friends

i picked up a couple of old friends yesterday as luck would have it they have more to offer than i’d expected these particular old friends are part of a very select group that i’ve been connected to for many years many years i’ve seen some of the others from this group from time to [...]

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Creating Time, Cheating Reason

"not many more of these left” said the morning "you’d better start earlier from now on” the day was not amused there were so many possibilities for things to do before the evening that it seemed pointless to talk in those terms since the years of toil had been gone for quite some time now, [...]

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The Thread is Broken

like the skin on my index finger under the first joint it does not heal so quickly still i sit in silence feel the tension in my groin and pray the morning muse long gone now makes way for now nearly every movement hurts slightly but is welcome all the same again with the shame [...]

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Another Weirdness Finds its Way

contempt went for a walk one day and never came back the best thing was nobody cared joy barely even noticed at first but of course… anger and disgust were actually relived since that huge contemptuous cloud of smug just cleared right out and allowed for some really healthy clarity and focus schadenfreude was a [...]

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Shall the Nightmare?

standing mightily before the cheering crowds of peasants, tradesmen and nobles he thrust his sword into the air in victory and declared himself king his chest bore the sweat-stained outline of his abandoned gilded armor revealing a plain white tunic adorned only with the crimson cross of holy crusade no more would the people be [...]

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Weird Grey Areas

nothing clear nothing clean no sign of sun no chance of green a monochromatic daymare a deluge of dullness where boredom screams just the thing to dance and sing here on weirdo way time for a special kind of fun inside these walls absorbing the creative juices oozing from them all and giving credence where [...]

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Thing is…

there is this thing it exists empirically but it also has a metaphorical existence of a kind it is a good thing in an aristotelian sort of way this thing is arguably quite universal just about anywhere you go people know what it is usually it’s not hard to find one of these things but [...]

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