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8/31/19: Self Care Soliloquy

I can do this endure the ordeal of creeping malaise Albeit slowly saps an energy sponge it steadily zaps I am drained and yet... Like an old swimming pool I can be filled again and again Bolstered by love's sweet buttress I give myself a pass pass myself and give I muster my force and [...]

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8/29/19: The Window

More than "Morning Meditation" More than "Mere Poetry" The window divides without distraction without enter-action I revel in the richness of it all Like a serendipitous text message Like an unexpected yet oh-so-timely call from my sweetheart The window knows what I have seen through its framing despite its naming Even my Dark friend has [...]

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8/28/19: Where We Are

Where we are is together Nearly four thousand miles mean nothing When we were is extraneous Over twenty-five years is beside the point What we think How we feel Why we do Is what it's all about Love ------ Blessed... m(___)m  

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8/27/19: She’s Come to Me

Sometimes I feel broken or at least slightly bent Like dreams when awoken life just got up and went There's an ache in my spirit There's a turd in my hand And all hope for the future is now pounding the sand Pounding sand Then she comes to me She comes to me Fee and [...]

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8/26/19: We Get to Choose

How we look does not define us How we feel can help refine us We get to choose We get to choose Who we are is a becoming What is real our world is running We get to choose We get to choose A work in progress A life in congress A time of conflict [...]

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8/20/19: SM Morning Murmur-stations

FB: Photo of the infant grandson of an acquaintance I don’t know well but who usually posts photos of art that I enjoy and who very often “likes” and comments on my blog posts. Instagram: Photo by a housemate doing something interesting FB: Ad video for a knee-brace I've been seeing a lot of on [...]

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The Marco Eye (Shelled Slug-fest)

A graceful turn away from scrutiny looking for the edge soon to be Confronted now pulling quickly back unknown threats not to be trusted The tattered shelter beat but not beaten a case just in case No threat detected curiosity conquers still warranting cautious inspection ------ Blessed... m(___)m  

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