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1/30/20: Locution Lunch

Stepping back a new vision of the dark narrow path With sumptuous colour vibrating life and fundamental beauty revealed in kind All manner all judgement suspended A random figure looks on in silence I accept it all breathing inward and connect my love She will always know ------ Blessed... m(___)m  

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1/29/20: Bleak Beauty

Can you see? the eye behind the I and I Unfiltered worlds better off frozen for now Defenseless implements of an obsolete construct ready for business All will be revealed in reverse But fear not co-conspirators call to order a superior morning ------ Blessed... m(___)m  

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1/21/20: My Love Knows

All I am all I see all I ever need to be all and all and all is she My love She shares her will she loves me still ever always never false-ways living being free She knows ------ Blessed... m(___)m  

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1/17/20: Untitled Lament

Slowly against the stale red light he rolls across Propelled by bandaged legs kicking the pavement from the edge of a battered wheelchair We wait and watch in silence motors running stomaches full So much to do so little time so many distractions dis-abilities The future is here now no longer when How? ------ Blessed... [...]

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1/16/20: Something Slow

For a change give me a break or better still don't take my time is here and now my love so dear with me in only everything and all and all and all and all Something solid For a while give me a chance or better yet don't glance my rhyme is fair and so [...]

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1/12/20: Taking Off My Masks

She's right here next to me no excuse nor proxy Snuggle bug happy rug smooch the day hand-held hug I’m as well in her arms not by chance no alarms Snuggle bug happy rug smooch the day hand-held hug Four am now to call unafraid never fall Snuggle bug happy rug smooch the day hand-held [...]

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Naked Fire

Fire in the belly Fire in the soul Fire all those to fucking hell With heads still up their hole Burn away their blinders Burn away their fear Burn into the public eye The source of all our tears Give a shit Give a damn Give a helping hand End the crap End the waste [...]

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1/6/20: Naked Little Boy

My naked little boy inside is where the deepest fears reside but also there's a toy so true at heart, this bantam boy All day and night my mature me sail through churning, burning seas and wise to comfort him a tiny, trembling child within For there will come times of sorrow age will steal, [...]

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