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1/15/19: Mirth Busters

"He had a short disagreeable kind of unmirthful laugh, which came in at all sorts of odd times when nobody else saw anything to laugh at at all, and which sometimes made people start again, especially when they were being shaved, and Sweeney Todd would stop short in that operation to indulge in one those [...]

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1/14/19: Being On

Yesterday I again listened to a few podcast episodes of On Being with Krista Tippett. It had been a while since I'd heard this show and I was happily reminded of how much I get from the kinds of voices one can hear here. Ms. Tippett has an interview style that I really appreciate and respect. [...]

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1/13/19: Fearless Futility

It's was such an odd sensation. I knew... I finally knew what I had to do only I could see that I wasn't going to have time to do it. As I struggled to keep swimming up and up through the crystalline material that got thicker and thicker as I went, it kept growing and [...]

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1/11/19: The Mighty Metaphor

When the peaks of our sky come together, my house will have a roof. ------ Gaston Bachelard ----------------------------------------- The other day, the ops clerk at work inadvertently reminded me of one more way in which I am not truly connected to this place. This tropical paradise where I have resided for nearly eighteen years now. [...]

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1/10/19: Lover Rain

The jungle canopy announces her approach A distant gentle roar Descending upon tin roofs and carefree minds Elephant ears bounce and sway Outside the shelter of my love She washes away all dirty doubt The morning breeze Glistening Birds sing again as sunlight beckons  

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1/9/19: Lucidly Naked Dreaming

"Excuse me sir but... I just need to confirm your name?" The elderly gentleman (he has to be well into his nineties) stops short but says nothing. Clearly he heard me say something but probably didn't quite understand. Either his hearing difficulties or his limited English coupled with my muddled tone (or both) could be [...]

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1/8/19: Back Among the Breakroom Boys

"Good afternoon gentlemen. Jack, Dario... Howzit?" "Welcome back Brian. Beets again?" "Indeed." I set down my lunch, take a seat and start eating. The boys are in the middle of discussing yesterday's football game and know I won't have anything to add, so they leave me to eat in peace. The topic of what I'm [...]

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1/7/19: Being Naked

Her love shines through me. Upon all I do. All I experience. I love seeing the world through these new eyes. I love seeing her world and mine, combine. That which I think. That which might have otherwise triggered an ego-driven response. Pales in comparison. The challenge now is to find a new space. A [...]

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1/6/19: The Naked Night

Inhale, two three four five six... Exhale, two three four five six... ------ I feel her with me always. Shining in the morning jungle green. Strolling through the sunny surf and sand. Snuggling as we softly speak through distant pillows. In the naked night. ------ We share everything. Mutually inspired accomplishments. Healthy practice, creative growth, [...]

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