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Leave Me Alone

here i sit intentionally blurring my vision killing time between fleeting joy and random crisis no plan will suffice no action would make any difference this is simply the way it is this is the world no one but myself to blame or credit for my experience how things should be could've been or will [...]

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Today’s Youth Speaks

“…the truth is nobody cares about the truth nobody cares outrage is far more profitable it’s an end in itself and lies often generate an entire news cycle like ebola at burning man and fake karens everywhere. this is the way it is because it’s cool and disturbing at the same time …” the attention [...]

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Killing Time

making art that doesn’t matter singing songs no one will hear filling my mind with global trauma as i drink away my fear i’ve got one foot in the gutter and the other in the grave if i had the guts to end it all now there’d be one less soul to save i’m killing [...]

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War in the Age of of Disassociation

shrinking tribes of intention within ever-widening borders thick with fear sing to each other in desperation unimpressed and dying of boredom clamoring crowds of grievance coalescing in the void metastasize into wondering angry mobs of brutality and self-inflicted disease amoeba-like armies of chaos fighting over scraps of broken promises thrown off at random by the [...]

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Quiet Power

an inconvenient dichotomy two objects in motion are either moving towards or away from each other at any given moment worlds collide entanglement quantum or otherwise is always temporary the mind races the heart searches all that is known in flux the myth of stability the hero’s quest for balance feels false falling only on [...]

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