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Into the Plastic

the mind bogglesyet another bottleof sugarwaterand poison massive quantitiesshipped with loving careto the latest genocidenumbs the outragereplacing the deadwith more and moreand more the body has no reasondrinking inanother rancid seasonas friends and familyquibble and the sacred hallsof powerpresent the day’s pablumartfully packagedwith hopeand fear the soft lighta knowing glancethe professional propagandistnodding beautifullywith thinly-veiled contempt [...]

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The Dawn of Decision

as a sickening silencebreaksthough brutalized throngscowering in the shadowsof war as all human decencydecaysresigned to death throesamong the fetid remainsof friendship and family as our discarded toilruns amokinfecting every mindwith a frenzied fearscreaming for relevance we greet the morning all the coffeeall the clever conversationbelies our ilk we ramblewe rumblerunning blindlyinto our ownobsequious comfort a [...]

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Through the Back Door

history comeslike a thief penetratingall things privateand under the auspicious of kingshe defiles every house every attemptevery semblanceany minuscule movementtowards defiancefails nothing iswasor ever will besecure ultimate illusionis his camouflagefor what is stolenis nothing less thanall things human and the gods themselveshave his utmost respectfor they have always been sourcedfor his sanction yet in such [...]

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Devil’s Device

we all witnessedwhen it startedlike a seatbelt alarmbecoming more and moreincreasingly insistentincessantly demandingattentionaction we hit the snoozewe hit the booze biting our tonguespretending tochew on itbiding our timeintending to… yes the right thingis right therebut to actually follow throughand commit resourcesalter patternsas if we actually cared so we drowned it all outwith a flicka tapevery [...]

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Remembering Joy

the innocent warmth of youthwashes over uslike a late morning sunthrough the dusty blindsof maturity as realas the hand-made quiltembracing our bodiesthey burst forthin exuberant naïveté another dayanother reasonwe mark the momentwe make the season games of the mindplay gentlyupon our loving heartsrolling round and roundworking worlds of woeinto tiny little balls they dropinto the [...]

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only one of usremainsthe eternal wastelandof this heartcan never knowthe peace withinsuch isolation aimlesslywe walkamong the bonesof our imaginationscatteredempty soulsweep into nothingness barrenlifeless worldsdrift silentlythrough the voidthey turn to dustbefore our eyesforever lost the final embraceas this forsakendreamless sleepbrings us home m(-_-)m

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OJ Denied

purging demonsthe cling-on crapand perniciousmoronicmultiplicityin this unavoidable worldof constant chatter breathing in the morning lightsoaking up the sweetnessa heart-warmed cupa chill paceacknowledging blessingsunarticulatedyetunwavering the joythe excitementof creative discoveryin a moment of claritya leisurely walksprings to lifethe soul connection love is herenow now…what were we talking about? Peace/Love m(-_-)m

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Call for Inurement

adapt a waystaymoving towards dignityand graceunderstand the changeand pace now is the timeend its killingend the crimeof injustice aged out of pertinencecaged in by privilegeleftover faton the bonesof a crumbling empire brought up on bullshitrun downby the relativeruined rebellionfueled by the fire find the full forceof loveand be that power be that loving creatorcurrently on [...]

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The Elder Looks Down

the floorhas been shrinkingnearly a yearsince death last spoke silence nowas the full measureof all that has landed herecompletes its message fake boardsof hard brown vinyladd nothingof interest a useless bookthe telephoneapologize in kind no more to be seenthrough these eyesnothing else to saytoday souls of the deadand dyingdrift slowly above lonely loved-onesfidget and fiddlein [...]

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said the mindnothing is as it seemsno one herebut empty promisesrevealing only selfishnessand pointlessly complex schemes barely cloaking sad realitiesof disillusionmentand mad mad fallacieswhat the fuckexcused vulgaritiestrading truth for stupid memes the wisdom of it allwobbles and warbleslike the death rattleof a sick and dying systemleaving true friendshipchoking on its own vulnerability the heart knowsthe [...]

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