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Although this blog is primarily for sharing stories, I will always be writing songs. Some of these in here are fairly new (and I’ll also post any brand-new songs as I write them) but most are old songs never before produced or recorded… yet.

12/16/18: New Hesitation Blues

Nickel's a nickel, dime is a dime I got a new gal, she is all mine And right now I just can not wait To be with my love no way do I wanna hesitate Eagle on the dollar says in god we trust If we're gonna be together forever baby we gonna have to [...]

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12/11/18: Fly Baby Fly

Fly Baby Fly Fly Baby Fly It's time to be The one who's free The one who owns the sky So Fly Baby Fly It's been true all along So raise your voice, sing your song Feel us all gather round Let us hear that sacred sound Let it fly baby fly Fly Baby Fly [...]

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11/23/18: Only Everything

The morning call to order It’s time to be alive Time for only Oh... Only everything I stare into the water I see my fathers eyes Seeing only Oh... Only everything It’s only ever after All my love and laughter Shout from hall and rafter All and all and all and all... Your heart informs [...]

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7/11/18: Noodle Club

Noodle Club, Noodle Club It’s not about the pasta Sometimes we get sushi Sometimes we go Rasta Noodle Club, Noodle Club Number one’s our hero And everyone agrees except for Michael Shapiro Brian orders large size Tommy get’s the extra Kevin’s very regular But sometimes he has a beer The pork is so amazing Melting [...]

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5/17/16: Progress (a work in progress)

This is what Freedom looks like You don't get To be the one Who decides You don't own me You don't own me You don't own me Your history says It is known My hisory says Throw a stone His story Her story Their stories Our stories Our stories Our stories This is what Freedom [...]

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4/10/18: Almost Gone

  We were so close I couldn’t see That everything was wrong I studied you now over me Myself and I went on and on On into the rest of life And love where they belong At least until they come again What’s left is almost gone Gone Did we ever have to go Gone [...]

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3/23/18: Karaoke

Another Monday night was going on. Next door someone was singing Karaoke songs You tried to make the best of it You tried to work it through A lesser man might’ve lost it but oh no not you But you can tell a story And you can turn a phrase on its end And you [...]

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3/13/18: In The Night

  In the night In the middle of the night I get up to take a piss And I wonder How did things get to be like this I know Change, change is the only thing That goes It goes and goes and I have to sit down Before I go In the night In [...]

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3/8/18: Lookin’ Up

  Looking up, to see the signs. See what changes, see what’s mine Not too far it’s crystal clear Some of the things I’ve held dear Going by the way side All that kept my heart fried Been looking down for far too long Focused on what’s big and strong Fooled by love, fooled by [...]

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