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Although this blog is primarily for sharing stories, I will always be writing songs. Some of these in here are fairly new (and I’ll also post any brand-new songs as I write them) but most are old songs never before produced or recorded… yet.

Killing Time

making art that doesn’t matter singing songs no one will hear filling my mind with global trauma as i drink away my fear i’ve got one foot in the gutter and the other in the grave if i had the guts to end it all now there’d be one less soul to save i’m killing [...]

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One Path

send me on my way take me home find me there dance beneath the stars make my bed smell my hair all is love all is love now and forever mend the broken clay work in kind sing with care build the room to breathe live outside live out here live in there all is [...]

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tell us what to do how to live who is who and you will surely know resistance tell us what is real who to love how to feel you’ll need more than to show persistence you who broke the world had your chance flag unfurled only death shall you go consistence now i walk away [...]

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Used To Be Able

i used to be able to sing i’d fill my lungs show off my thing i used to be able to sing remind my voice hear heaven ring i used to be able i used to be able i used to be able but now i used to be able to run chasing down dreams [...]

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you gave me twenty years without shame, on your trail of tears i left well enough alone i just brought your grandma home but i'm not gonna miss you i showed you who i am dreams of fame, joined another band sang my heart out to the wall but i never felt so small so [...]

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Try Not to Try

tell me a story sing me a song roll my love over don't take too long smile in the mirror run with the wind fly into morrow time to begin try not to try try not to try i got nothin ain't got nothin yesterday morning i had a thought nothing worth knowing is ever [...]

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My Sweet Love

my love my sweet love my love my sweet love ohhhhh my love give me hope when I am down light my world all around every time I look to you my sweet love my love my sweet love my love my love ohhhhh show me strength to share my pain free my mind live [...]

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Soup of the day

i must say that I’m not sorry i got it all over you guess my brain left my body when it fell in the stew fell in the stew fell in the stew yet you told me what you wanted always built on my behalf and to see it wasn’t funny but then you started [...]

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In The Morning

in the morning when i wake up i can feel your sweet sweet smile as our hearts align for yet another day and the birds don't mind my ringing in the latest news can't bother me if only to remind me what to say in the morning time has no direction in the morning life [...]

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