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Although this blog is primarily for sharing stories, I will always be writing songs. Some of these in here are fairly new (and I’ll also post any brand-new songs as I write them) but most are old songs never before produced or recorded… yet.

4/8/19: Lanikai Beach Bum Blues

This place may be heaven for some but I sure ain't gonna be one Nothing in my pockets now but sand Don't even try and think you understand Hear em laughing and playing behind their tall brick walls'n I'm praying for even the smallest little piece of shade I'd be long gone the moment I [...]

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4/6/19: Too Busy Naked

Do do di da di dada di da dada Do do di da di dada di da dada Do do di da di dada di da dada Naked morning noon and night Must be we dig the way Just-wanna-be-naked Need some space get them clothes outta the way Too busy naked Too busy naked The boss man [...]

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3/9/19: Bad Ass

We do all we can. Keep it together. We follow the plan. Looking out for stormy weather. All we ever wanted now seems a wasted opportunity. For understanding how to achieve some continuity. With culture in shambles. With poetic rambles. A love growing old. And blood bought and sold. To the bad ass. He or [...]

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2/26/19: Other-Wise

"You know how they are" she said. And looked me in the eyes. I don't think I do. And neither do you. In fact it's otherwise. Don't "other" me. Don't "other" me. I'm not you and you sure ain't me. But don't "other" me. He just laughs and walks away. As her hungry [...]

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2/7/19: Fear is Gone

Fear is gone Truly Gone for the first time Fear is gone From me Freedom is all mine For my love My love My love Here is the sunshine At the break of each day I'm awake to the way Any doubt, gone away With my love My love My love Feelin' is so fine [...]

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1/29/19: Good Morning Love

Good morning babe Good morning my love Good morning dear I'm always thinking of You in my arms The moment I awake And feel you so close Never shall we break Good morning love Good morning babe Good morning my love All through the day Whatever sky's above I hear your voice Deep within my [...]

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1/19/19: My Baby’s Winter Blues

My baby's where it's very cold Nothing there to see but snow Can't walk far, she don't wanna drive Black ice probably on the road Don't talk bout no fun in the sun no, no, no Today she ain't gonna wanna know Yea it's cold, she's feelin' so cold Ice n' snow on frozen ground [...]

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12/16/18: No Hesitation Blues

Nickel's a nickel, dime is a dime I got a new gal, she is all mine And right now I just can not wait To be with my love no way do I wanna hesitate Eagle on the dollar says in god we trust If we're gonna be together forever baby we gonna have to [...]

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12/11/18: Fly Baby Fly

Fly Baby Fly Fly Baby Fly It's time to be The one who's free The one who owns the sky So Fly Baby Fly It's been true all along So raise your voice, sing your song Feel us all gather round Let us hear that sacred sound Let it fly baby fly Fly Baby Fly [...]

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11/23/18: Only Everything

The morning call to order It’s time to be alive Time for only Oh... Only everything I stare into the water I see my fathers eyes Seeing only Oh... Only everything It’s only ever after All my love and laughter Shout from hall and rafter All and all and all and all... Your heart informs [...]

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