It’s a small crowd
No need to sing loud
And there’s a spotlight shining on me
The sound is just right
No one here is uptight
And though I’m feeling good
Somehow I know I could be
So much more

Some of you here are close friends
And I’d just like to commend
You for having the good taste
To be here tonight
When there’s so much out there to choose
How could my silly old muse
Have anyone listening now
Without any gripe
Any more

Yes it’s all true
I try and get by with less
I feel such gratitude for what I got
But right here with you
You got me feeling so blessed
So please excuse if I assume you won’t mind if I give it a shot
And get a little more

See I don’t want to just get by
Making up excuses not to fly
When there are infinite places to go
My world is so very small
And although nobody sees it all
each day I try and stand up and continue to grow
Just a little more

And then some more
In my dreams I’ll be more
Until I’m looking out of gods own eyes
Ok now I’ll wake up
Perhaps it’s time to shut up
Cause I wouldn’t want anyone to think I came here to proselytize

Yea it’s a small crowd
And I’m just hanging around
Singing songs about the ways of the world
And I hope you know it’s all true
Home much I love what I get from you
And even though I know I’m likely to hurl
I want more