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12/11/18: Fly Baby Fly

Fly Baby Fly Fly Baby Fly It's time to be The one who's free The one who owns the sky So Fly Baby Fly It's been true all along So raise your voice, sing your song Feel us all gather round Let us hear that sacred sound Let it fly baby fly Fly Baby Fly [...]

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12/9/18: In Between

In between love And trying to scheme love Who can say what we will find? ------ Tom Waits ---------------------------------------------- Ten minutes and I'll board my flight. Ten minutes and I'll be on my last leg of this, my return to Oahu. A man passes by and comments on my guitar case. "Looks like that baby's [...]

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12/8/18: Morning Cup

Having filled the handy little device with my sweetheart's favorite... Cameron's Whole Bean Organic Velvet Moon, I pick up the old Toastmaster grinder (that she found at a garage sale so long ago for all of three dollars) and give it a shake while holding down the switch. It helps grind the coffee beans more [...]

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12/7/18: This Still Dark, Minnesota Morning

6:50 am... This still dark Minnesota morning maintains my mildly melancholy mood. It will be getting light soon but that matters, at all not much. I write in relative silence as the not too distant (but not too annoyingly close) continuous beeping of my sweetheart's son's alarm... continues. It's getting so I'm accounting it as [...]

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12/6/18: Dream a Silly Dream

I dreamed a silly dream A place I've never seen Folks I'd never think about Silly happenings They told me silly lies Of never can goodbyes Moored in magic mystery Feeble family ties Outside I saw the sea A wildness flowing free Nothing silly there I found Curiosity Deciding then to go I tried to [...]

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12/5/18: Messy Meditation

Inhale, two, three, four, five, six... Exhale, two, three, four, five, six... Inhale, two, three, four... Exhale, two, three... Ahem... Yea... well I tried. My practice reminds me that the most important thing Is to keep practicing. I read though my book this morning From beginning to end In one sitting. Apart from a few [...]

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12/4/18: The Naked Game

Hi there. A while ago, my sweetheart and I decided to create a social game. And now we'd like to invite you all to play... The Naked Game. But first, we would like your input so please read on. ------ We came up with the idea while driving down to Rochester and after playing the [...]

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12/3/18: Naked Agenda

The perfect enemy of the good A moment's expectation Usurping accommodation Thinking a thing must Behave, look and/or feel Just Exacts Visions Acts Fantastic ideals Reacts Reels I rail Thusly I fail My world wonders why And then By and by My worldliness wanders Ponders Agenda laid bare Naked Aware My love leaves no trace [...]

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12/2/18: Joy to the Naked

We make our own holidays Our time changes Everything and nothing Gone are the fears of tradition The tearful rendition No more the phony fad tunes Artifice, nom de plume Give us not We take our own solo-days Our shine ranges Everywhere and nowhere Here is the joy and the sadness The odd random gladness [...]

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