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12/31/18: Naked Privilege

There is simply no sensible way of comparing the worth of human lives. ------ Kwame Anthony Appiah ----------------------------------------------------------- Conflicted My voice Falters Exposed To others I turn To listen To learn ------ Google brings me first to the voices of two students. A young white man and a young woman of color. Both were probably about [...]

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12/30/18: My Perfect Love

6:49 am and I'm awakened by... I'm not sure what. Was it one of the imaginary sounds from a dream? My dreams were so random, and during the night it's impossible to even guess. It wasn't that bird whistling, I know that. 7:00 am and I hear it now as if on cue, as if [...]

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12/29/18: Paumalū

From August 2003 to January 2004, I was living and working in Pearl City but spending much of my time on the north shore. My favorite beach to swim and just hang out during that time was Sunset Beach (or Paumalū) and the beauty and calm I found there, helped me to get through what was [...]

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12/28/18: Le Nood

Menya Le Nood was packed this afternoon. Tommy, Kev and I had to wait for quite a while but as usual... It was worth it. I miss the large reproductions of sumi-e (a style of ink painting) by Miyamoto Musashi on the walls from back when the place was named after that sixteenth century ronin/phosphor/artist. They [...]

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12/27/18: Nothing is Real?

Always, no, sometimes think it's me But you know I know when it's a dream I think, er, no, I mean, er, yes But it's all wrong That is I think I disagree ------ Lennon/McCartney Of course we create our own reality but we don't actually create our own reality. ------ Ken Wilber (paraphrased) --------------------------------------------- [...]

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12/26/18: Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?

Man is the only animal that laughs and weeps: for he is the only animal that is struck with the difference between what things are, and what they ought to be. ------ William Hazlin ANALYSTS have had their go at humor, and I have read some of their interpretive literature, but without being greatly instructed. [...]

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12/25/28: The Naked Chronicles (Episode One)

“You could see her thoughts swimming around in her eyes, like fish - some bright, some dark, some fast, quick, some slow and easy, and sometimes, like when she looked up where Earth was, being nothing but colour and nothing else.” ------ Ray Bradbury ------------------------------------------- "Sweet dreams my love." I send this one last text [...]

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12/23/18: Mele Kalikimaka

It's that time again! Full-on since it's only a few days now. I can do nothing but embrace it of course. Why would I do anything else? If I didn't like having people approach me about it, I would change. I love who I am. I love the joy people show me. I love gifts [...]

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12/22/18: Discerning Judgment

earlier this evening i had a conversation with a young friend he is in his mid twenties i like him very much are not necessarily mutually exclusive i hold that dissonant space between dual and non-dual he says something that triggers my inner elder i hope he is reading this my egoic failure i do [...]

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