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Bigot’s Bargain

he speaks of only wanting truth then lies to get what he wants facts don’t care about feelings his knife twisting in your back but you you know how your deal with this devil will end you buy in spite because you know your hand is the one that wins you buy and buy and [...]

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War Without End

i remember when it all started i remember where i was when the invasion began i remember believing enough of what i now know to be out-and-out lies to count count myself in to see it as a necessary evil after all it was obviously the only prudent action we could take considering the possibility [...]

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A Most Perilous Chapel

ya know... i used to be pan-agnostic like you bob back in the day i guess i’m just fortunate enough to have dug a reality that tunneled me here instead of where you went with it or maybe my maybe logic being just is is just so i never ended up having your distaste for [...]

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