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9/30/19: Hear Them

To be seen and not heard diminishes To even temper possibility is to punish potential and squash hope Our future demands all of these their former commands defy reason Why then do we listen if not to hear Hear them only then can we see ------- Blessed... m(___)m  

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9/24/19: Dream-tween

I had a little dream the kind that comes in-between On first waking and the next surly to a mind perplexed of how and where and what is there and who I even be I knew not how to go a world of haze to and fro Consciousness ran in and out unstable ground all [...]

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9:22:19 Lawless Love

There is no rule no explanation it defies definition capture is not possible not even an image is available Don't even try it is as if... imagining the unimaginable you will fail The way one could never contain and/or reproduce any given individual moment of artistic creation think of this as one and the same [...]

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9/21/19: On Wind and Wave

On wind and on wave I will ride carried along with a wish and a song oh jubilant jaunt never end my future my fortune my friend Into the unknown I will go steering away from all love held at bay oh news of the earth ever shine my tenure my title my time The [...]

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9/20/19: I Get to Sense

Each encounter a relationship each interaction a sensation of choice I feel I choose I am Each one of us a whole part each pathway a fragment of being You stay You go We are Sometimes I am almost entirely unsure sometimes I want to raise my voice and sing to the stars Each day [...]

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9/18/19: Goodbye Mr Big

Yes, it was all about you Back in the day You were everything The only thing That mattered If we couldn't be you We tried to look like you Or at least Behave as if we did We'd get up every morning Look in the mirror And say How can I be more like him [...]

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