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Withering Weather

time stops for no one from buried stone to floating feather get in line we fall together the creative mind rebels when all is subjective from every perspective we choose to decline to decline see the panacea be the continuum the phenomenon of seasonal change changes depending upon where you are what was once becomes [...]

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Losing Touch

languishing in late summer’s backyard surrounded by the intimate drama of family rented time recedes into obscurity the ridiculous wants and needs of stuff the clarion call of youth fades out and about they speed-walk past children on shoulders earbuds guarding the mind from this moment from this space these people despite random “likes” with [...]

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The Fall

helpless a rush of sensory deprivation long-forgotten dreams disarmingly soft cushioning the darkness mocking security broken a brutal flash of internal light the proverbial fawn impactful yet curiously ephemeral random fulmination chaos the shock of uncertain reality fear crying to the world inevitable uselessness a kind of faux balance as normality is lost lost forever [...]

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Another Tuesday on Widgeon Way

bird poop on my shirt sleeve finds a finger up my nose bunnies in the clover munching grass between my toes the neighbors all are mowing mowing everything that grows my sweetheart smiles and walks away she knows she always knows the doorbell phone is dinging we can guess what happens next i let it [...]

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