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5/27/20: forgive me please

i have failed you who suffer most against the wind to ponder and roam the darkest chasm no act of god random distraction would suffice only hubris self-absorption has lead us here where now alone is love ------ Blessed... m(___)m    

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5/16/20: Swamp Song

I live for the life here where everything grows from the mud for my makers wheel to the god only knows The air buzzing around me still drips with the truth of how knowing the value who gives some meaning to youth It’s wet and it’s wild laid with child It’s dark and it’s dank [...]

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5/11/20: Unfinished

Relax into the reality of now Let go without complete detachment Own how consciousness is experienced Without falling into distraction stuck in the feedback loop trying to figure out the flippant As if it matters when hydrogen became sentient exactly Move in the direction of a better interface Aspire to be less wrong It never [...]

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