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Theosophy’s Child

it’s up to you you not me you i’m just here here is fine i’ve got here all cool here at least as good as it gets i guess but you you are there and from here looks like shit’s going down down there over there what’s up with that trouble’s brewing down the rabbit [...]

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The Art of Grievance Management

we stand upon this precipice where grief and anger guide us down forever down we stand before these walls with hope and love beside us looking up always up what to do what to do ------ “There are two kinds of realists, those who manipulate facts and those who create them. The west requires nothing [...]

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Un Dwell

look listen pay attention what’s going on far more than you will ever know i certainly don’t thinking about what it takes to even be aware enough to see my own shit and how this failing will always affect those around me those who love me never mind everyone else never mind mine seems to [...]

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On Routine

life is beautiful chaos to be embraced attempts at control end badly living is intentional practice to be revered healthy ritual brings happiness so brush your teeth feed your soul challenge your beliefs set a few goals move towards compassion away from the dogma sing if you feel it shine quiet karma make a routine [...]

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