These stories of memoir are the main reason I started this blog. In here, are the stories which may be published at some time in the future, but not at this time. To find stories currently being written, edited and gathered for first publication. In other words, my first book Oo(^_^)y-~ please go to the category entitled, For The Book!


love brought me into this world and if i'm lucky love will see me out when i look at where i am now everything good and lasting everything i can truly hold on to i owe to love and love is of course essential to family so far my short time in and around this [...]

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5/9/19: Taste of Paradise (a photo memoir)

Sixteen years ago and then some Oahu's north shore A Brazilian restaurant that no longer exists a tent village behind the restaurant where surfers could still live the old-school surfer life they built a small community and spent most of their time on the beach It was here where I made my first attempts at [...]

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4/17/19: Notre Dame (1976)

We sang en masse below the ancient vaulted stone Our clear young voices rising, falling determined to honor this unique privilege Tones of praise entwined in glistening color shining through the glass crafted so many centuries ago illustrious illumination embracing all Over ten thousand souls welcoming our gift cheering us on begging for more we [...]

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3/4/19: For a moment…

"Brian, Brian!" I awake to see my roommate's excited face smiling down at me. For a moment... I'm not sure where I am. "Sorry I'm in your bed Aaron." "Never mind that, I've been seeing 23's all morning Brian." "Yea, so... ?" I roll out of the bottom bunk where I'd been napping. I usually [...]

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12/29/18: Paumalū

From August 2003 to January 2004, I was living and working in Pearl City but spending much of my time on the north shore. My favorite beach to swim and just hang out during that time was Sunset Beach (or Paumalū) and the beauty and calm I found there, helped me to get through what was [...]

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7/17/18: An Early Attempt (page #12)

I'm going to put all these pages (as I post them) from my old journal of 1986, into the memoirs category even if the content is (like this one) not exactly memoir. That way I can keep them all together and in order. As you (my dear reader) can see, the content of this one [...]

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