These stories of memoir are the main reason I started this blog. In here, are the stories which may be published at some time in the future, but not at this time. To find stories currently being written, edited and gathered for first publication. In other words, my first book Oo(^_^)y-~ please go to the category entitled, For The Book!

7/12/18: An Early Attempt (page #8)

Interesting... Reading these pages as I post them. This early attempt at memoir, I can also see my current tendency to go back and forth between the younger self of whom I'm writing, and the "adult" self doing so. So... the voice in which I now write memoir (and my other current writing in this [...]

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7/10/18: An Early Attempt (page #7)

Again, I'm enjoying my margin doodles the most. I skipped two pages from this my 1986 attempt at memoir. The ones I skipped were a full page sketch and an attempt at poetry/prose with a few corresponding doodles. Heh... One of those pages I've already used as a featured image for a post in this [...]

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7/8/18: An Early Attempt (page #6)

I'm glad I've decided to post these early attempts at memoir. Reading them now shows me how I've had the desire to tell my story for quite some time. Rather than simply journalling what was happening in my life at the moment (something I've learned to like more now than then) my initial impulse when [...]

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7/6/18: An Early Attempt (page #5)

I do hope (my dear reader) that you find it as interesting as I do... to be reading these (what I at the time thought of as journal pages) early attempts at memoir. Here is one where I'm beginning to get into what my current self recently wrote here... as my first foray into the [...]

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7/2/18: An Early Attempt (page #2)

Reading this now, informs me of how my memory has changed over the years. I have already posted in this topic, a version of the story on this and (I'm sure) other pages from this early journal. We shall see what these changes look like, as I am deciding now that this will have to [...]

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7/1/18: An Early Attempt (page #1)

Here is the first page of a brief journal I kept while driving a taxi in my home town of Rochester, Minnesota. The journal starts in early 1986 but doesn't last very long. As you will see in posts to come, I eventually spent as much time doodling in the margins, as I did writing. [...]

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5/3/18: East Center St. Shenanigans (part eleven, Anywhere But Here)

A year on East Center St. was obviously enough for me. After leaving 6D East and losing my job at Tinkler’s and the mess Melvin left of our cool apartment (with his failed experimental floor decoration) I was not only ready to move to a new apartment, I was ready to get the hell outta of Roachville! [...]

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5/1/18: Oh, What a Year (Part five, Shenanigan Convergence)

It was really kinda silly when I think about it now. I mean... all I took (the first time) was a big canned ham, a big block of cheese, a big jar of mayo and two big loafs of bread. You know... to make ham n cheese sandwiches. And since all these items were restaurant [...]

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