The Life of Brian (In the Now)

I love to journal by telling stories. What’s going on in the life of Brian, in the now. Whether it be from stuff that happens at work, while hanging out with friends or while working on other creative projects. Stuff happens that I may just feel a need to interrupt my usual memoir-writing activity, that is this blog’s primary function. I share those stories here.

4/21/19: Perception Reality

I've been looking at that mountain this way ever since moving here The way one looks at clouds and sees a bird or a dog, a building or a running man So yesterday I was driving back home along Waikupanaha street returning from Shima's Supermarket with some of that delicious dried marlin from the deli counter I [...]

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4/20/19: That Which Sustains Us

"Hey Sweetheart, what are the principles of Noodle Club?" "Umm... good friends, comfort food and... " "And... ??" "And... oh yea, and mindless entertainment." "Oh yea! You got it Babe." ------ It was back to just us we three Tommy, Kev, and me Again number one Original fun The food, the friendship All free... (well we [...]

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4/16/19: Shadow Crossings Revisited

The mind makes every attempt at compensation for loss Even when understandable expected or necessary All available tools at hand are employed Awakened (as usual) by the jungle residual jumble Images exactly as from a dream bring some semblance of solace While consciousness considers the seamless transition brought by clarity and faith Her presence somehow [...]

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4/13/19: Repose Prose

An afternoon nap is the stuff of poetry and yet, in this moment I fidget a bit Oh I do not flail or flounder I just wonder It's a good thing and despite the slight misnomer above I feel the need to continue as such Those of you who read and write easily more adroit [...]

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4/5/19: Chapter Two

They are one person They are two alone They are three together They are for each other ------ Stephen Stills --------------------------------------- 4:32 am In the stillness of this hour confounded by candor I find peace The gecko chirps in agreement We have so much to offer each other We have so far to go She [...]

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4/3/19: Ending Beginnings

A relative calm Only waves lucky enough to have a trajectory just so can make it all the way in They shimmer with the fading dusk as meek as gliding honu barely able to push themselves much less a board Our table perch above the beach gives venue to all Green and red lights beckon [...]

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