The Life of Brian (In the Now)

I love to journal by telling stories. What’s going on in the life of Brian, in the now. Whether it be from stuff that happens at work, while hanging out with friends or while working on other creative projects. Stuff happens that I may just feel a need to interrupt my usual memoir-writing activity, that is this blog’s primary function. I share those stories here.

8/9/19: The Good, The Perfect and The Enemy

Every action every reaction an opportunity for discovery and then some I revel in my privilege To do otherwise would be disrespectful wasteful altogether self-indulgent Bad enough the wasteful, selfish privilege, inherent in the very fact of my existence Bad enough that I dare complain as much as I do Best to bless by sharing [...]

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8/4/19: The Depuration of Danger

Aghast Can I articulate? appropriate the appropriate metaphor? perhaps not “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”? Marie Antoinette never said it but might I declare Laissez-les voir les filtres? Is reality really all that? Proponents claim it a necessity activists I admire call for clarity speaking truth to power filters are thus suspect or made to [...]

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8/2/19: The Macro Eye (evidently)

on-going on and on excitement's mark the struggle is over all that is left is food industrious army never seen but here a time of connection furtive, yet clear honored tragic demise heard (unwanted) again and again once was a way again come what may dear memory ------ Blessed... m(___)m  

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8/1/19: Whelm Helm

8:51 am Abundance floods my senses takes me aback into copious pools of light A shock of colour greets me with a song I smack my lips as all manner of subtle and sublime stench surround me I look up transfixed the ceiling fan silently calls me into another world And then... the grounding My [...]

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The Morning Practice (Balancing Re-sets)

8:10 am Feeling my body free to truly feel for the first time in months I am affirmed No need explanation or faux-respiration my mind's revelation takes its turn Again... I am affirmed All and all my love we will learn We can Find each other within 10:42 am Step up to effect this self [...]

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7/28/19: Radical Means Radical

9:15 am Online after a beautifully long talk with my sweetheart (I love her so) channelling the part of my psyche I call "Radical Guy" The first synonym for radical at is... Profound a Google Images search focuses on the adjective in mostly sports-culture contexts with only a smattering of the political a FB [...]

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