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The House Between the Tracks

she leans againstour open doorfrom the old millyou wouldn’t knowit’s standing still like the carcassof some long-dead raceof giant menand their twisted beastsof burden at this point of entryto our small worldshe beckons to allour flag of friendshipunfurled saying comeall are welcometo our housebetween the trackscomeall are welcometo our housebetween the tracks inside you’ll finda [...]

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Beating the Dead

(a prayer for my ego) forgive memy weakness for all i amand all i dois nothingnothing at allno mewithout you you show me the mirrorlove my scarsmy painmy pathin vain for vanity’s sakeis in my headand in my brain a poema playa ubiquitouspernicious tunethat never resolvesand endsfar too soon i have no choiceno chanceno clueas [...]

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Never Goodbye

“i’m not gonna miss you”he sang in bittersweet lament awaretheir dear friends knewexactly what was meant “i won’t cry”with tear-filled eyes“or tell you why” why indeedwhen foreveris foundin the doingnot the telling no more separationno more sorrowthere’ll be darknesstill tomorrow’s lightinnocencebefore the break of night and shatters allbut the ferventsteadfast fewscatteredthey falllike rainupon the morning [...]

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21st Century Jet Set

show us how you go how you going makes you in the know who you are is where you've been and it's a game you always win not like those grumbling about delays in their comfort class and lesser-thans failing to fully kiss your ass you travel green your luggage's lean and you’re not bothered [...]

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We’ve Already Tried

to come homeand failtry againfail againa body wondersas does the mindwander where the heart iseach footfallsfor the roadto swallow traveledwithout purposeor resistancean ancient surfaceremembers paved with diamondsand the gold of foolsit bucklesbeneath the waveswhere angelsand the gods themselvestread lightly we’ve already tried homeis never going to bea place to hidealoneuntil the parting seaabides as will [...]

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Dissatisfied With Nature

patterns happenbut rulesare made to be brokenthe waves don’t careand the sun will liveand die physics bows down a pack of wolvestake downa weak and hungry moosethe ceoof a multinational corporationplays chickenwith the livelihoodsof millions philosophy be damned gazing at the morningon one of the most beautiful beaches in the worldthe poet stifles a museto [...]

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coughing up plasticseething with the relentless wasteof pointless destructionand industrial poison she waits there is no painno sadnessfor what has already beenand lost there is no furyonly the inevitable bitternessfrom this new flavorof detritus those that would pay homagemay weepand wail in her steadlay beaten ground down by her patienceparticularized by her powerlike the remnants [...]

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Good Morning Friend

good morning friendone who’s waysi’ll always offerto defend and understandtill life’s short journeylike each blessed daymust end i’m here for you who’s space you bidfor me to sharethis place of peacefrom which a soul might dare i’m quite aware you’re here for me no transactionno demandsto join some private factionour friendship stands on sacred groundwhere [...]

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Here Now

movingever movingthrough this undefinable space searchingever searchinglike frigate birds skimming the morning surf a desire for stabilityto freeze what is perceived as timebrings forth that curious dichotomyof preciousnessand loathing if the true nature of realityis even knowableif consciousness can ever be cognizantof even a small partof all existence there may yet be roomfor the sublimethe [...]

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The Death of Freedom

we are coming for youthere are parts of youthat will dofor our sustenanceand otherswe wouldn’t want to line the cat box let’s pretend that you carelet’s pretend that you are so very unawarebut you know who you areand if you doand still think that you arewe pity you the great divideis no longersomething anyone could [...]

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