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Ruined Portal

a world that’s never been framed by long-passed glory it’s man made stones hauled unceremoniously from a thousand miles downstream crumble now before freedom’s green green grass of time where are the mothers who cooked and cleaned and fed those men stacking their fire-baked bodies upon the slab what has become of all that toil [...]

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Our Backyard

the earth is burning in our backyard we sit among the flowers legally buzzed drinking cola and soaking the raspberries yesterday’s drama is but a hazy sad memory ragtag remnants of war without end a foolish neighbor breaks the moment bringing us back the elusive bumblebee and gentle sounds of tumbling water echoes my love’s [...]

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sitting in the ugly silent rage of grief and grievance the very idea of letting go seems crazy in this moment in this space even love brings only tears only tears no one’s to blame it’s never anyone’s responsibility responsibility feels so transactional here in this moment in this space only tears only tears m(___)m [...]

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Behind Liberty

stitched together with the tireless patience reserved for those new arrivals to her teeming shores gold paved streets tattered and tortured battle flags hold no candle to her colour becomes color an irrelevant critique as vibrant and new modes of expression emerge ------ m(___)m  

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Snap Shot

i have seen the future and it is not so bright we walk along in paradise ignoring the rubbish at our feet contemplating only the latest fantasy a shiny new thing the promise of a few hours distraction from tomorrow’s futile brutal task the kids might just look back in seventy years or so and [...]

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