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a customary interval slips into the next unobserved the transition would be nearly seamless but as this page turns detritus spills out the sides leaving no open space and dashing all hope of a clean getaway a wall slammed into by flesh and blood remains a wall there will be a reckoning there will come [...]

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allow the deepest pain dignity and find its place when misidentified shame masquerading as cleverness takes control of the fear piercing all hearts from behind when grievance guides the unquenchable thirst for justice rumbling like thunder into an indifferent world of transactional hierarchy when all sense and sensibility is inevitably overwhelmed by the brutal cacophony [...]

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Cooperation in Common

once upon a time in a land far far away there was an open field surrounded by a dense forest all of the forest lands had been claimed long ago but everyone agreed the field was to be owned by no one for generations the people of the forest built homes raised families and lived [...]

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All too Human

try as i might to limit mitigate and somehow diminish its effect this world of artificial reality currently gripping our culture still seeps through the answer is obvious let it go be the change create my own weirdo world where none of it matters much but the mind and the body don’t always get along [...]

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Debbie Gets Dunked

the funny part of this story is... she actually thought she’d gotten away with something all weekend long as the rest of her own motley brood enjoyed their festivities totally unaware of their matriarch's current scheeming and immune to her caustic nature the nonsequitous twists and turns of a mind so brutalized by greed and [...]

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Cheese before Whine

“mom!” “ … “ “mom!!!” “get to sleep” “but mom… “ “what is it?” “bradley’s looking at me” “we’ll shut the door” “but then i can’t see em” ——— don’t exactly know why perhaps i never will what i do know is i am so very fortunate to not have to Peace/Love m(___)m  

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Three Hours

3:20am dragging this weary body this sad sack of pain through the remainder of what can only be described as a pointless existence seems ridiculous just shoot me now or better yet a nice cocktail of leftover rat poison and methaqualone can suffice wouldn’t want to be any more of a burden or expense than [...]

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Dream Cycle

i dreamed my was bicycle stolen i haven’t had a bike for many years now but the stolen one in my dream was that same big red schwinn i’d ridden as a teenager along side the long and hilly (but straight) road from our place just south of kings park into rochester mom and i [...]

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Happy Merry

a jug of cheap whiskeycame bumbling insidelooking for troublelooking for pride we laughed and drank pinotas shadows grew tallwe ate and told storiesof nothing at all sloshing with bombastthe jug gave us jestwith songs sad and hollowthe old empty chest as spirits grew wearythe revelry felland left all that whiskeyno tall tales to tell m(___)m

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