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The Scales of Creation

i've been told that balance is best but... the very notion implies a level of control that contradicts my intuitive need to let go i sit in silence trying to embrace no not trying just being expansiveness i want to add my story to this to all those amazing stories also trying to find their [...]

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The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

take it all in the vision, the breath feel every surface the friction, the depth listen for music in all that resounds savor the substance in air and the ground live opportunity in times of great strife embrace inner shadows that feed healing light when looking at mirrors brings bile to the fore our challenged [...]

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Untitled Love (reprise)

in my chair kicking back another way another good day much more than simply marking time the time will come is now and when we co-create we instagate organically inspired now the spark we make our mark shadows dance at home never quite alone in the fire claims of "other" run for cover the flippin' [...]

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