i’ve been told that balance is best but…

the very notion implies a level of control
that contradicts my intuitive need to let go

i sit in silence
trying to embrace

not trying
just being


i want to add my story to this
to all those amazing stories
also trying to find their place

some are so well known
it only takes a few words to recall
the ones that touch us all

and yet
most are stories that no one
will ever know

so i fill my head with the best i can find
the wild and wooly
the sweet
the smelly

but how many
can one life

how much
can one mind

In season 7 episode 5, the SG-1 team encounter a planet with an atmosphere now toxic to all life. Its remaining population (the last of a highly advanced, technological society) are now trapped in their protective dome which generates for them, an idyllic world where all is well, beautiful and in balance.

The entire system is powered by geo-thermal generators and controlled by a computer that also controls the people through a highly advanced neural link. Keeping them unaware that, after hundreds of years of operation, the thermal vents are cooling and the dome is losing power.

Their artificial garden world is shrinking.

Of course the solution is to simply get the people to disconnect from that fake world. A world that has been lying to them for their entire lives. Lying because it is controlled by a machine that seeks only balance.

Above all things.

above all things
i love my sweetheart
there is nothing
no counter-weight
no alternative story
to balance this


and of course she knows
every day we create our story