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Visitation Sublime

the coolspring morningbrings in the aircleanas fresh fragrancesof hyacinth and lavenderand daffodilmingle and blendssweetie coffeehot chocolatepure and darkthe last batchof scrumptiousnessoatmeal cornflake cookieswith salted peanuts comes the joyenjoy the blessingsthrough freshly cleaned windowswell handled essentialsyet anotherass-pain off the plate yet anothertime to reflectlife to protect and live Peace/Love m(-_-)m

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Again the Darkness

crouchingin the deepest crevasseof consciousnessyet so very nearas to shudderall awarenessto the core tentacles of fearcreepsearching for purchaseholdson powerthe way to will again the darknessbleedsa stain upon the bodya pox into the mind as the wondering spirittending notto the gentle tasksof love as the greatest force of the universefalls flatdisusedunpracticed as wisdom itselfgives waydistractedpolluted a [...]

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The Lonely King

looking longinglyupon the perfectionof his permanentpreeminent empirethe kingturned inwardly nowand wept he had no reasonby all accountshe had achieved so muchin this his lastand most significantconquest of solidification his campaign to control allhad been so successfulthere was nothing leftand no oppositionto his powerhad survived the grandand far-reaching landsunder his sole authoritynow restedin the peaceful placidityof [...]

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Sad Beauty

the laughterthat never really wasstepped up boldlyto the old and crumbling daisand failed and with the greatestpanache and aplombfilled to the brimwith selfwith all manner of unwarranted aggrandizementand lies the laughter failed againyouthwas having none of this nostalgic memoriesof that thingthat thing of such pastand nearly universal powerstill referred to as it washad died long [...]

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Forever Broken

this family of manwho shat upon the motherkilled all the sons and brothersand ran abandoning the restto the toilsowing sweat and bloodfor powersoaked in oil this master of modernitythis memehis majesty of the falseand filthy schemesgrubbing and griftingslaving and shiftingthe blame this man of little mindand lesser shame no kind wordscan be spokenforever broken upon [...]

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the morning birdsongawakening this mind to joybrings forththat core feelingthe blessed messageof home here is safetyhere are all thingsfamiliar for family isand will always bewhere the spirit can truly thrivethe place of santuary from respite to reposecomfort to comportmentour wants and needsneed never tarryour hopes and fearsneed never marry and all our woesand all our [...]

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Disgust Rising

from the ashesof human crueltythe footprints of thousandsupon thousandsinform our fearthe worst is here is this the pathcontempt went walkingnot so long agois this the endof meaning the lost childrenrefuse to be countedthe labors of saintsthrow up their handsthe grinding povertyfrom grievanceto grist we bake our fouland pompous news sadlywe regurgitateas if those viscous demonsof [...]

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Growing up Weird

friendship usuallyfinds a wayin the distortedyet easily discernible dioramaof a lifethere is almost alwayssome kind of solution but looking backat the ever-encroachinglimitations of time and spacea soul can beeasily losteither by intentionor attrition there is no accountingfor weirdnessthere are no gatekeepersonly actionawarenessand an opennessof style so pleasegive a shiteven with no fucksthere must be something [...]

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Quantum Delusions

the heisenberg ludditeknows wherethe moment withinmomentumlies have we grownis this the petri dish of ideas now that gravitasinextricably linkedto a space-time griftmarks the modeland observesthe observer so then to askwhat happened before m(-_-)m

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