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Dualist to the Death

it was overbefore it begantumbling as it didinto the wildstillborn soullessswimming in the filthof war and slaverytheir raucous cries of victoryand yet rifewith the most cruel veneerof perspicacitythat thin veil to justifythe screaming violencethe blood lust ridiculoushow it really does end Peace/Love m(-_-)m

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A W❤️nderful World

where the truth isright before the liesin the clearthe light of dayall is knownbut nothing newsurvives it’s wonderfulthis world we sit and watchand rail against the wasteas the grifting grapevinesflowand not so slowlyovertake we waitfor what we’ll never knowbut always gowith wonderful isn’t it though that every dropis usednaturally infusedas runoff oil applies self-denialis in [...]

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Might As Well Go Down

from hereon the bottomthere’s no uselooking round with nothingto begin withand no hopeto be found so i mightas wellgo down up therethere’s a reasonthe struggleto be free but no onefor to sufferin ecstasyecstasyecstasy so i mightas wellgo down used to think that i would knowhow far a fool like me could goso i dug my [...]

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the desperationbuilt over eonsfor a redemption that never wasa paradise that never wouldor could becrumbles now massive tributesof stone and steel and glassstand emptyskeletalas the unheard echos of millionstortured slaves of empirefall flat upon the dusty floorsand rotting rafters here toobelies true poweras the new and fantasticdigital templesovertake the last of our fearand gorge themselveson [...]

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The Body

breathingin as much as possibleto stand each painful stepscreamingthe raw sensitivityof unearned immunitythe body turnscatching so little this undetectable existencerelentlessas virulent dichotomieshosted withinthe warm embraceof paralysis grasping for guidanceand physicalityeach appendage awaitsa strangely organic confusionbringing only obscurity to the foreand obliterating any and allsense where the beating heartwherefore this discomposuregiven so muchexpecting so little the [...]

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The Center of Obscurity

groundlesswith no real placeno one of consequencedrawing fake linesin shifting sand there is no middlethere is no roadonly rivers of timecutting deepgouginginto unfortunate foundationsbuilt upon the banksof illusion this ignis fatuusof the dayborn of lazy thinkingand decaythis imaginary firethe spark of indecisionbrings to lightthe incinerator of hope for shameand shameless fearshall grow here but be [...]

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Muddy Time

fog thick as butter on a cold discarded morning envelopes all reason as the mind stops dead oozing with fear and flailing about in quiet desperation more than enough hands make plain the ascended balderdash feet submerged in rank muddy time prepare for the slog without comment the heart flutters perhaps this is the day [...]

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Harsh My Buzz

throw on the lightsbust my flowlike i never was see me uptightblow my mindhey you know me cuz get in my facekick my asslike nobody does harsh my buzzharsh my buzz lay down the lawrock my worldmy discomfort zone expose the rawscrape my skinright down to the bone turn up the heatcook my kindi am [...]

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The Ark of History

gathering dustbeneath the forgotten subbasementin the museum of timethe bones of justiceremember the soundand the furyfeedingthe stillborn sanctuaryof endlessly broken promises cynicalfoppish misanthropyrules the dayruining any random winsadly and inevitablygiving way the false politicsof greedthe raw violenceof grievance encapsulated nowby brutal indifferenceand sick caricaturesof culture let freedom reign Peace/Love m(-_-)m

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