throw on the lights
bust my flow
like i never was

see me uptight
blow my mind
hey you know me cuz

get in my face
kick my ass
like nobody does

harsh my buzz
harsh my buzz

lay down the law
rock my world
my discomfort zone

expose the raw
scrape my skin
right down to the bone

turn up the heat
cook my kind
i am not alone

and we’ve lost our fuzz
so harsh my buzz

i was feeling too safe
thought my love
sealed my fate
guess i needed to awake
woke whatever
why was this ever even a thing

was i wasted killing time
did you get
tartuffe sublime
will this truth wash off the grime
grifting my soul
and god-given need to sing

so take off the gloves
break open
hearts sharpen your minds

shake off the shoves
stay the coarse
rough and ready to opine

give all you got
all we have
has never been more on the line

like it always was
so harsh my buzz