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The Shadows (part two)

the mirror never lies nothing escapes reflection all surfaces seen light and shadow yet unreal prediction is pointless as this would require doubt, no such softness will not elude cold facts to conquer the mirror within a dangerous illusion even if allegory serving only to suffer the wounded need for "other" ------ My Sweetheart and [...]

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The Shadows (part one)

there is a darkness perhaps inside us all an impulse a whisper the shadow of awareness yet hidden giving voice to the unkind it looks for weakness sparkling artifice promulgating only lies it couldn’t be more certain but its ruin is hubris foolish intellect the blind spot within incuriosity the bloated ego leading the already [...]

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In The Morning

in the morning when i wake up i can feel your sweet sweet smile as our hearts align for yet another day and the birds don't mind my ringing in the latest news can't bother me if only to remind me what to say in the morning time has no direction in the morning life [...]

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What Really Matters

the clarity of our love the constant connection from the moment of morning consciousness to those random, fleeting thoughts in the dead of night no need for outside affirmation no use for social confirmation we make our own we make our home true friendship will always understand true love can never land all and all [...]

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4:20 am

reflected lamp light playing gently, dancing the slightest movement that smile, sustaining more than a year now she will call soon enough a break, the weekday toil our connection deepens in spite/because of expanding intertwined lives i begin with freedom privilege/blessed, i choose periodic elimination essential, irrelevant past momentum of our moment we make our [...]

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fueling fear of what’s held most dear you put it all on trial you spit on saints then claim they ain’t cruel lies told with a smile sweet perfume fouls as you consume and shrug-off as your style no rats would think the depths you’d sink your gift to them is bile your phony show [...]

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Getting to Know

look around open taste the culture the terrible beauty as pungent an experience as any can ever have inspect the unexpected the discomfort zone revel in the madness of rational thought nearly discarded not so long ago heed not in haste the need for careful deliberation there is time for action until its gone ------ [...]

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