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10/30/20: In Lieu of Dialog (quotations aside)

the dichotomy exists yet the non-dualist persists for unity in its face the diametric opposes in its place the dyed-in-wool polemic supposes that it is all so very counterintuitive is a given the side with no “sides” opposes the “right” side the side that must “win” believes all are so “in” together if only “they” [...]

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Forever is the Day

I remember first then December last my love was by my side and nothing overcast nestled and at peace gifted by the morn autonomous of time our memories are born forever is the day and all and all shall stay the love that grows inside us even half a world away forever is the day [...]

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Competence is Naked

we can only do so much more than we are found in love all I ever want push the limits peer inside run the gamut steer the ride every day the strange struggle balance privilege with pure pain educate as we see fit confiscate the fisted glove ------ My Sweetheart is all and all Blessed... [...]

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10/4/20: 4 am and

I see you and wonder are we still friends there was a time when I thought so there was a time when I sought so long ago and now so long what was I thinking what was I after when I try and remember all that comes to mind is my own myopia the morning [...]

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