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12/31/19: Antecedent to a Nightmare

Driving a van in the snow past a house too close get stuck back up, turn, go down steps woman sleeping on stoop Get up and rouse everyone for breakfast Art event workshop I’m shooting video Daniel kissing young woman I see people watching they don’t know I grab laptop and erase it people bring [...]

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12/29/19: The Grey Skies of Paradise

Under the grey skies of paradise I let it all go the loneliness the disconnect they pass through me unnoticed Like neutrinos and their mysterious existence ubiquitous yet substantial only as an element of awareness As abundance nourishes my body I join it all now my universe my dear, sweet love call out to me [...]

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12/27/19: Knee-jerk

Thank you for sharing it appears you are caring what I think But how could I know this was never a window it’s a sink Last time I saw you you praised me for being true as a friend But what could I say wouldn’t just get in the way in the end So thank [...]

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12/26/19: And then a Spider

I was alone too happy too awake Still at peace much to make Though my dear love deep in heart deep in mind Still at work frost in time And then a spider caught my eye caught my skin Crawled hither worlds within ------ Blessed... m(___)m  

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12/21/19: Our Quiet Love

Three thousand miles divide us not I feel your warm loving breath as delivering devices disappear No words A smooch a snuggle a part of your smile psychic transmission no time no differentiation Four hours All matter in flux our gluons self generate the subatomic part of our love Two-gather Together over all space and [...]

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12/20/19: The Dark, Plastic Night

The dark, plastic night creeps by in silence nearly unrecognizable to my minds eye Waiting I look back again your lovely loving smile memory sings Undaunted It wasn’t fair that subtle kick when last we spoke I wouldn’t have noticed but then Weakness (a recent theme) These men I see their bullshit bulwarks As if [...]

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