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i will always love you our souls are so entwined destined to be together since the dawn of time i will never leave you you're always on my mind the thought of ever losing you makes me want to die a year ago we promised to have each other’s back i made a vow to [...]

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Used To Be Able

i used to be able to sing i’d fill my lungs show off my thing i used to be able to sing remind my voice hear heaven ring i used to be able i used to be able i used to be able but now i used to be able to run chasing down dreams [...]

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The Futility of Blame

who’s at fault whose print is on the blade the cut will be as deep blood still sheds if the deed be done automaton so curse the gods run from time spit your bile into the storm nature doesn’t change until it does so till then you win ------ m(___)m  

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Rephrasing the Meme

Give no fucks       (don’t care) Take no shit       (don’t give) Wish on every star       (don’t plan) Never miss a sunset       (don’t wait) Make life an adventure without a destination       (again, don’t plan… anything) Take that dream vacation       (indulge without hesitation) Eat that chocolate [...]

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