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Sometimes Today

i feel i feel i never really know i look around i touch the ground the air i breathe the love i need comes to me runs through me my mind is not the show sometimes it's just too much like nothing can be done sometimes it all comes crashing down to kill the earth, [...]

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understand when seeking solace in immediate self-gratification underscore when finding fault in subconscious self-depreciation shame looks for blame knowing cause is not solution the first step is just that oversimplify when living life for unsubstantiated incongruity overwhelm when giving love for unconditional inconformity one finds the fun seeing focus on another the last time will [...]

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10: 52 pm

waves of wind replace the rain pouring for days now flooded friends not so lucky populate all online i close my eyes sound surrounds surges and falls like rolling ocean sudden... sharp and random Snap! Crack! i can no longer concentrate relax... watch tv the curtains billow up partially covering my computer screen Crack! ... [...]

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Monetize This!

subtle aroma hard rain jungle morning sweet heart smiling voice love connection shared essentials tools of progress open boundaries there are no markets here no reason to transact feign attention values are apparent self-evident true purpose is conditional co-relevant un-socialize media un-monetize society live ------ My Sweetheart and I Blessed... m(___)m  

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Revisit, Remind, Redo

memory only fails with expectation life, art... the creative spirit reasons for compassion and kindness deserve and require deference go back over it look again refresh the mind rekindle the kind the last time was then things were different you had no idea what would happen next it's ok don't fret or let the past [...]

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