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Identity Blickies

it didn’t have to be this way harlon carter if we had laws banning (among others) any man who beats his wife and/or kids from ever owning a gun maybe we could put a dent in some of these shootings but a whole lot of cops would probably loose their jobs so… oh and perhaps [...]

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Airs of Quality

super silly us half-baked bombast the best humble pie runaway ego's mote in the eye over-fed freedom heil to the chief standing on the spineless grinding beneath unexperiencing the knife fallen off the edge static over and over again ambushed by gumption ------ m(___)m  

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time freezes the stagnant morning nothing moves neither tremor nor vibration not even the faintest echo of forgotten dreams silence grips the air stillness reigns supreme as death yet crisp and clean does the light belie glinting and gay like jewels in the sun ineffectual as snowflakes in hell sweet somnolence my love peaceful slumber [...]

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Navel Gaze

imagine to be “aware” quotation feels obligatory that said do notice at times like a comedian at times the scientist perhaps even some kind of inner shaman may be occasionally present of course there is always far more going on than capable of noticing the challenge is to let go letting go of judgement when [...]

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