woke up this morning
as i will do
woke up this morning
always with you
woke up this morning
your love by my side
woke up this morning
awareness abide


The last vestige of a dream
in which all possible adventure
all potential personal “growth”
pales in the face of this one clear reality
that my journey has been forever changed
transformed beyond all I could have dreamed
all I could have ever before hoped
a journey I had not even thought of
as such
was now one I would begin
fresh, clean… with a clear and open heart
alone no longer

When I woke up this morning
well aware of who I am
as never before

Your love was right here
Your faith in my ability
to love you
to be myself
to think, speak and feel
sends me forward
with you

We are the future
not in spite of
but because of
our age, our experience
our openness to that future
to who we are
who we shall become


the story begins
the story will win
we get through the day
we make it our way


My Sweetheart